Panicky Scarborough Scolds White Democrats: Your Wokeness Is Losing Minority Voters

Joe Scarborough, once more a Democrat-consultant, passionately advised “white, woke DC leaders” to reduce their wokeism as it is costing them votes from people of color. 

Monday, Morning JoeScarborough panicked and told those white wokesters to get off their backs. He said that Hispanic and Asian voters were more conservative than them on matters like education, crime, and Hispanic immigration.

The video of Terrance Whitebury, a black surveyor, was shown. He said that Democrats needed to gain Obama-level support from black voters to win 2022. However, his approval numbers are in the low 70s. This was his grim assessment.

“Any Democrat that is running in the state of Delaware in 2022 and has 73% black votes has lost.” It’s over. “There is no way to win.”

Scarborough sent a tirade against the “white, wise” DC Democrats. He claimed that they are not losing only “white guys in the Upper Midwest,” but also “people who are of color.” Scarborough ended his talk by shouting at the wakesters, “Get. Off. Of. Twitter!”

Al Sharpton agreed that Scarborough was right: “They are losing the peoples of color because they don’t really get their lives.” I’m already losing my heart if I live in a community that is plagued by crime.

Scarborough did everything possible to maintain his liberal street cred. While telling the wokesters not to get too excited, Scarborough said that it was okay for them to promote left-wing causes like “getting rid Trump’s tax cuts” and, even more amazing, “save our planet from nuclear war.” “Ensuring the wealthiest 1% stop moving ahead.”Scarborough realized that he was sounding a lot like Bernie Sanders, and added, “You know, paying zero taxes!”

On Morning Joe, lectures about how Democrats are bungling their appeals to minority voters were sponsored in part by AT&T. 

The transcript is here.

Morning Joe
7:46 am ET

MIKA BRZEZINSKI – Here is another clip from The Circus. You should take a moment to look. 

MARK MCKINNON : How do you see the midterm elections and what should Democrats do to address all the problems?

TERRANCEWOODBURY: If you take a look at Georgia or Florida, where it’s likely that a person of colour will be the head of the ticket in the future, then they must reach Obama-level support from black voters. This is what happened. When we begin to notice that the approval rating drops to 73/72% amongst Black voters, I’m able to tell you immediately: Any Democrat running in 2022 statewide, which has 73% black votes, is losing. 

MCKINNON: Really?!

WOODBURY: Finished. It is impossible to win.

. . . 

JOE SCARBOROUGH : Rev., I’d like to speak to you about the blind spot many Democrats have in DC’s Beltway. It’s something that you warned about.

We’ll just put it this way. Let’s just say it right here. For my Democratic friends living in Washington, DC, let me repeat this slowly: Black voters are far more conservative than your Democratic colleaguesWhite woke leaders in Washington DC. Hispanic voters are more conservative that you, White woke Leaders in Washington DC. Asian-American voters tend to be more conservative than white, woke voters. [sic, leaders]Washington DC.They’re less conservative in crime and education. Get. Off. Of. Twitter!

.  . . . 

Please, You’ve been there many times. What can you tell white woke leaders about this? You can explain to white woke leaders that they aren’t just losing White dudes from the Upper Midwest; they’re also losing People of Color!

AL SHARPTON – They are losing people of colour because they don’t understand the value of people of color.You are too busy living in crime-ridden areas in cities and neighborhoods.

. . . 

SCARBOROUGH – Mark McKinnon can have two truths at once. Let me talk about the need for Democrats to fight crime. Can I talk about why Democrats should be less awake? Talk about it!While taxing billionaires and multinational corporations simultaneously,Eliminating Trump’s tax cutsTo ensure that the tax code remains fair Making sure the richest 1 percent don’t move forwardThe best part is that you pay zero taxes

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