Overtly Political CIA and DOJ Covered up Deep State Child Sex Crimes – Opinion

Just in case your trust in the CIA and other aspects of the intelligence community hadn’t already fully dissipated, I think this latest story might do the trick.

Buzzfeed reported that nearly a dozen CIA staff were caught in sex crimes against children and they were never brought to trial. Even though the cases were referred, only one case was prosecuted by the DOJ.

This is the two-tiered justice model.

In the last 14 yearsIn secret, the Central Intelligence Agency gathered credible evidence that at most 10 of its contractors and employees committed crimes against children.

While most of the cases were referred by US attorneys to be prosecuted, only one person was charged. The rest of these cases were sent back by the CIA for internal processing. Few people faced consequences other than possible job loss.

They are horrible crimes that would put a typical American in prison for a few decades. Here’s a description of some of what occurred.

A 2-year-old boy and a 6-year old girl had had sexual contact. His firing was a result. Another employee bought three explicit videos of teenage girls, which were filmed by their mothers. He quit. According to a third employee, he may have seen as many as 1,400 child-sex abuse images while on assignment with the CIA. According to the records, it is not clear what action was taken by the CIA against him. His contract was terminated by a contractor for having sex in a disguised child with an FBI agent.

The revelations appear to date back to the last few months of the George W. Bush years and continued into Barack Obama’s tenure. These acts were exposed by requests for information dating back to 2012, and they have been made even as recent as 2020.

Why didn’t the DOJ press charges? They were apparently concerned with exposing “sources and the methods.” So sexual predators were allowed to go free, only facing inter-agency disciplinary action, over the bogus concern that actually charging them would somehow hurt national security.

That’s an insane contention. These are people who looked at child pornography and had raped their children, not double-agents trying to destroy China. There is no logic behind the idea that they couldn’t have been prosecuted. Instead, it’s much more likely that the DOJ passed on prosecution for the same reason they always do when it comes to the FBI, CIA, and DOJ itself — because they are all about protecting their own bureaucracies. Had this gotten out in the public sooner, it would have been embarrassing, and they can’t have that. I believe it’s that simple.

Meanwhile, these are the same outfits that sat on their high horses during the entirety of the Donald Trump administration, squealing about “foreign interference” and pretending they weren’t overtly political. All of this happened while John Brennan was CIA Director under Obama. He didn’t ask for accountability, instead, keeping everything hidden. Then he went on MSNBC and CNN every week and waxed poetic about the evils of supposed “Russian collusion.” What a sick, sick way of thinking.

The deep state is real, and it’s absolutely disgusting.

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