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Joe Biden and his team are constantly giving us gas when they are asked how are they going to deal with all the nation’s problems, most of which they have created or made worse.

But we’re not the only people that the Biden team is trying to hold off, with just saying all kinds of nonsense and no positive action.

They’re doing it to Democratic lawmakers too, and it’s driving the lawmakers–who are about to get decimated in the midterms–crazy because they’re worried they’re all going to get turned out on their heads. As we noted before, they already see Biden as “rudderless, aimless, hopeless.”

Now, there’s a new report from Politico talking about the “outright worry” that Democrats are feeling about their prospects.

Reports point to the virtual meetings the Democratic governors held with the White House.

Don’t just tell us what you’ve done, is how a person familiar with the meetings characterized the feeling among governors, because what you’ve done isn’t exactly working.

Through it all, there’s been a general and growing dissatisfaction with the White House’s response. That budding frustration, relayed by three party officials familiar with the meetings’ contents, has morphed into outright worry. And it’s surfaced elsewhere in recent weeks.

All of this is underpinned by the concern that Biden, his team, and others are running out of ideas.

The lawmakers seek direction on various issues, from inflation to baby formula.

The lawmakers expected to be given guidance about concrete matters such as countering Republicans that are giving away free baby formula and gas cards to irate voters within their respective districts. Instead, they were met with now familiar talking points about the White House’s legislative successes and the resonance of the message Biden carried in 2020.

So, if we stitch that together and read between the lines, Biden and his team are telling the desperate Democrats the same bull that they’re telling us — his policies are just great, even though they’re not “exactly working.” Americans just don’t understand how wonderful the economy is and how great he is, we just need to be better about the messaging. If that’s what they’re hearing, is it any wonder they’re desperate? Because surely they know that’s not true. What’s worse for them, they know Americans know it’s not true–and that they’re going to say what they think with votes in November.

Democrats seem to think the response is to demonize the Republicans, with things like calling them “extremists,” “ultra MAGA,” or trying to tar them with the Jan. 6 hearings. The numbers are worse than ever since Democrats tried this tactic. Currently, 63 percent of respondents say they need to be more focused on inflation. These hearings seem to be having the exact opposite effect. Meanwhile, Biden’s numbers have dropped to their lowest ever, in two separate polls as well as in the Real Clear Politics average. He’s now at 30 percent approval in the Civiqs poll.

Democrats have every reason to worry, and as Politico points out, they know that they are “running out of time.”

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