Out with Offices, In with Homely Comforts

Traditional office buildings are gradually giving way to remote work, as improvements in technology are allowing for uninterrupted productivity even while working from the comfort of home. 40% of workers in the United States are not going into the office at least once a week, and 12.7% never step foot in their company’s offices at all, being full time remote workers. The United States is a bit ahead of the curve with working from home trends- on a worldwide scale, only 25.6% of employees have a hybrid schedule. It also depends on the industry, not just the geographical region. Information technology leads at 67%, followed by wholesale trade (39%), commercial services (49%), and educational services (46%). 

Even if there has been a minor decrease in remote work after the pandemic, it continues to have benefits for both employers and employees. Companies benefit from lower employee turnover, increased productivity, and decreased employee absenteeism. In turn, workers like not having to commute, having more time to manage their schedules, and having an ability to spend quality time with their loved ones during the workday. The work-from-home model is expected to continue growing in popularity due to its advantages and  will spark a revolutionary change in the way we carry out our work.

Return To Office or Work From Home? 

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