Out to Pasture, Gender Unicorn — the University of Arkansas Serves Sweeter Sex Ed – Opinion

Run, run, fast as you can — it’s hard to keep up with the culture.

Case in point: Just as you’ve adjusted to the Gender Unicorn, there’s a new symbol of hope in town.

Through the tale of a 7th grade teacher in California, I covered the unicorn for the first time in August 2019.

The man gave a graphic to his ready-to-learn girls and boys…about girls and boys.

Other people may also be interested.

In fact, the teacher informed his class they should call him “Mx” — a designation that’s ditched the land of Mr. and Ms. and struck out on its own.

The young heads of mush were handed a Gender Unicorn Flyer by Trans Student Educational Resources.

Parents were not all thrilled.

A mom who shared her thoughts on social media clearly thought that the teacher had been identified as a Crocodile, despite our current age of pronouns for noun-self referring to animals.

“What a crock of s***!” she wrote.

Regardless, the unicorn’s been here to help.

And it isn’t only the young that need schooling.

In August, I wrote about the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s instructions on what restroom to use.

In centuries past, such direction to 18-year-olds wasn’t required.

However, times have changed and the unicorn helped anyone who wanted to urinate but was unsure how.

The mythical horse seemed a perfect companion to sex instruction — he/she/it was colorful, creative, and horny.

However, I now have a competition and its guidelines are delicious.

Genderbread, ladies and gentlemen. ManPerson

Can said individual be sold as the revolution’s new rep?

Well, at the University of Arkansas, they’re biting.

To explain sexuality, the college has taken over the sweet snack.

It seems sensible — per the baked good’s webpage, it “[breaks] a complicated concept into bite-sized, digestible pieces.”

Supplemental definitions available:

Anatomical Sex

Sometimes called anatomical or biological sex (or physical sex), sexuality is made up of things such as genitals and chromosomes. It also includes hormones, body hair and other factors. But one thing it’s not: gender.

Gender identity

How you perceive yourself psychologically. Who you, in your head, know yourself to be, based on how much you align (or don’t align) with what you understand to be the options for gender.

Gender Expression

How you portray gender through your clothes, actions and demeanor. Your outward-facing self, and how that’s interpreted by others based on gender norms.


Like sex, attraction isn’t really a component of gender. We often confuse sexual orientation and gender or classify the attraction that we feel in gendered terms.

The Genderbread Person was employed as part of U of K’s recent two-hour “Safe Zone Allies” training, which — as relayed on the session’s site — addressed “terminology around gender and sexual identities, community cultures and norms, policies that impact the LGBTQ+ community, heteronormativity, oppression and allyship.”

There was also a prize inside the box

After attending the session, participants can self-select to be a University Safe Zone Ally and will receive a window/door Safe Zone Allies sticker recognizing the commitment to being a safe space and place for all and will be added to the Microsoft Teams Community with other University Allies.

The woke workout’s stated goals:

  • A greater awareness of issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The foundational knowledge and understanding of vocabulary and common languages.
  • You will feel more comfortable with LGBTQ+ topics.
  • A better understanding of the advantages society gives non-LGBTQ+ persons.
  • A chance to help the LGBTQ+ community on campus.

Campus Reform obtained this slide to share the following information:

Agreements of Today

  • Respect the truth and lived experience of others
  • You are responsible for your learning
  • You must be open and willing to learn, relearn and unlearn.
  • You can say “OOPS” and admit that you could unintentionally have said something you regret.
  • You can say “OOPS” and admit that you could unintentionally have said something you regret.
  • Say OUCH when someone’s words or actions may hurt you
  • Maintain the highest degree of confidentiality when sharing private information with others. “Vegas Rule.”

Do they still teach academics at schools? This seems a bit unclear.

But they’re surely trying to create a monolithic society.

If I may say so, if you need someone to tell you what you believe, then you’ve learned nothing from the information.

Secondly — putting wholly aside the notion of allyship — pubic education is coughing up counsel such as that above to students generally. If you need others to teach you about your sexuality, you’re not ready to be sexual.

You don’t understand identity and attraction if you want to know more about your identity.

The most instinctive and natural things you can do in this world are sex and attraction.

If I’m wrong, however, the University of Arkansas is cookin’ up something constructive.

Even though there seems to be an ongoing battle for gender and sexual issues, leaders of the left may wish to look beyond the Gingerbread Man reference.

Cultural wars might remind those who want to wage cultural war that the Gingerbread Man died at the conclusion of the story.

And he meets his demise…in the jaws of a Fox:



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