Our Tech Elites Aren’t Free Speech Advocates, They’re Propagandists – Opinion

Joe Rogan does not always have the right answer. He also scored one for accuracy on Tuesday.

The topic of social media censorship was raised on his podcast.

The host posed a problematic truth: If you push for some citizens to be muted, you’re requesting to sooner or later have your own mouth muzzled.

“[O]nce they start censoring…what they believe is…objectionable…it’s going to keep going further and further,” he pointed out. “[T]hey are going to keep moving the goal post.”

The post will reposition itself, and you’ll find yourself in relation. At some point, you’ll find yourself farther.

No one’s safe:

“[E]ventually, it’s going to come to you. … [Y]ou’re not going to be Left enough.”

“What’s happening on social media,” he said, “is crazy” — people “only want [their] side to be represented.”

He won’t sound right to reams of twenty-somethings. An entire generation has been raised on a corrosive concept: “hate speech.”

That notion has damaged the national understanding of free speech’s unparalleled beauty.

Hate is an emotion; it’s a feeling within. It rarely makes sense to assign such to others’ remarks. But to whatever degree it may fit an individual’s expression, it can’t and shouldn’t be legally defined. SThe peech needs to be an open platform in which all ideas are allowed to compete. Every individual has the right to choose their words and opinions from all that they hear. The capitalist market is free speech.

Some Americans, it appears, stump for syllabic socialism — many prefer that institutions own our words and their production. It seems that a growing number of Americans want to be governed by technology and government.

This notion is incompatible with what America was intended to be.

This idea has become more common.

Take a look at a Michigan incident in 2019. A student trashed a “free speech” table belonging to Turning Point USA.

TPA staff informed him that the law was being broken.

His reply:

“You know what’s also against the law? Hate speech.”

Check out the video.

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Adam Carolla filled a 2020 interview with freedom hoaxers:

“It’s a very slippery slope to say, ‘I am for free speech, but I’m against hate speech.’ And then, ‘I will decide what is hate speech.’ So that’s pretty disingenuous, or it’s at least convenient. … It’s funny — nobody just flat-out admits what really is happening, which is, ‘I’m not for free speech.’ You go, ‘Are you for free speech?’ And they go, ‘Of course, of course, I’m for free speech. I just think it’s dangerous–‘ You know, when they pause, and go, ‘But,’ and they explain they can’t have people coming to campus with dangerous ideas that might influence people, it’s over. You’re not for free speech.”

Back to Joe Rogan, he pointed out, “We have to be able to express ourselves, because it’s the only way we sort out what’s right and what’s wrong.”

Joe hit at tech overlords who say, “This is my private company, and I’m not going to allow you to discuss certain political ideologies or social ideas.”

It’s their right to set rules as they wish; but they’re propagandists:

“[A]s soon as you start saying, ‘I want to only hear thoughts that I agree with,’ well, that’s not discourse. That’s propaganda.”

He also mentioned trains.

“[Y]You’re on the censorship train. And there’s only so many stops before it gets to your…house.”

America will continue to lag behind the curves in free speech.

It is possible that there may be some hope.




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