Ottawa Police Say You ‘Simply’ Have to Comply With the Police State – Opinion

You can see a lot more of what happened in Ottawa over the weekend. The protestors have been cleared up in large part. While some were charged with arrest, others appeared to have been taken into custody, detained for a time, then released with threats to stay away.

But in its place, they have imposed fences blocking off a variety of areas and imposing at least 100 checkpoints and they want you to know that if you “simply” comply with the government edicts, all will be well. Oh, and you’ll have to submit to grilling as to why you might want to walk down the street.

Weren’t they supposed to be clearing blockades? I’m so confused! Remember that this was despite the ongoing protest. So if anyone was disturbed about trucks, now they can have police “simply” grilling them as to what they are doing just because they want to walk down the street. Oh, and by the way, the elites, they can get through, just you peons can’t.

These women will determine if you’re worthy of walking down the street. We previously reported that this Alberta woman wasn’t.

Here’s a Getty photographer who was told press freedoms no longer apply.

But what if you don’t want to comply? We reported in the past that Trudeau had threatened to recruit tow truck drivers for their protest. He just bristles and says that they actually conscripted some drivers who weren’t willing to work. So they need the Emergencies Act to be able to take away people’s rights.

Now if they wish, if you contribute to what they don’t like, or have “unacceptable views,” your accounts will be frozen. You can see that they admit to it.

Instead of peaceful protests, even if they are loud, we have a police state that is jackbooted. Justin Trudeau has stated that they have to keep it going, regardless of any blockade or occupation. Which kind of makes it clear that wasn’t what the Emergencies Act was about.

Cristian Terhes, Member of European Parliament, compared Trudeau with a Communist dictator because of all his moves. He said that we must all stand united against any attempts to undermine freedom in the world. It’s hard to disagree, seeing how fast Canada has fallen.

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