Oh, Baby! ABC’s ‘Queens’ Calls Unborn Child a ‘Baby’ Five Times in Latest Episode

While America debates over various state initiatives to recognize and protect the lives of unborn children, pro-abortion Hollywood sometimes slips and forgets to use their typical, manipulative lingo to sway viewers away from what’s being “chosen” in every abortion – the killing of innocent human life. Such was the case on Tuesday’s episode of ABC’s new drama Queens, where the word “baby” was used five times to describe the unborn child a character was unexpectedly carrying and planning to abort.

Queens centers around four female R&B stars from the ‘90s who are reuniting in their 40s in an attempt to relive their former fame and glory. Eve (real life artist) is having a hard time believing she’s pregnant and will be taking a break for the second season. Brianna plays Brianna. Recently, her husband Jeff (RonReaco Lee), had been unfaitful to Alexis Masi (Hannah Masi).

Jeff was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died in episode 6. We then learned that Alexis had just given birth to his son. Brianna is compassionate for Alexis, as she doesn’t have anyone else and feels vulnerable. As the two discuss the situation, there’s no hiding the humanity of the child, Brianna even discusses the baby as a sibling to her own children:

Brianna: I’m sorry. It’s not that. My children will have a sibling in this baby.

Alexis, Would you like to see if it’s going to be kept?

Brianna: Yes. Yes, it is selfish but true.

Alexis, What would you do?

Brianna: You have the option.

Alexis: I’m 24. My student loans are insane. I’m a roommate. I don’t want to be alone. A baby. However, I loved him.

Brianna, It is totally cool that you would never say it to me ever again.

Alexis, I have to take some time for myself. Do you think that’s OK?

Brianna: Okay.

Brianna does, however, secretly hope that Alexis will choose to end the baby’s life via abortion. Later, she discusses the matter with other women. Queens, they speak truth as well and refer to the unborn child as a “baby.” Brianna is still abortion-minded, but at least everyone agrees she shouldn’t be pressuring Alexis to choose abortion.

Brianna (English): My mind is confused, y’all. Alexis will do something about the baby, but I don’t know what..

Naomi: Have you met Alexis?

Brianna: My husband is expecting my daughter..

Valeria, I was the mistress of this storyline in “Guiding Light”. It was me who was mistress. For what it’s value, I had the baby.

Brianna: It’s not my job to encourage another woman to have an abortion.

Naomi: Mmm hmm, Even if you think otherwise.

Alexis decides to have the abortion, once again telling Brianna, “I can’t have this baby.” She even goes so far as to ask Brianna to go with her, which Brianna agrees to do, replying, “You shouldn’t have to go alone.” Where they’re going is revealed when another friend asks Brianna if she’s “really gonna take this girl to Planned Parenthood.” Brianna confirms her decision, explaining that Alexis has no one else.

Brianna, however, is never seen when Alexis arrives at Planned Parenthood.

Brianna: Um, Alexis.

Roommate: He’s not there.

Brianna: I’ll wait.

Not my roommate. She packed up her stuff and moved on. I mean, she moved out left. This is really annoying because she owes $100 to me.

Brianna: Stop. Wait. Are you still waiting?

Roommate: No. You’re just gone.

Brianna: Are you serious about leaving?

Jill, You don’t really want me to come here.

Brianna: You are my best friend. You are needed here. Jill, that’s all I need. She’s gone. Alexis, with her baby inside, is gone. I’m not sure what she’s going to do.

Jill, We will figure it all out.

It’s probably too much to hope that Hollywood may be starting to realize the humanity and worth of unborn human life, but we can at least be thankful for episodes such as this where the writers don’t attempt to dehumanize the child with manipulative language and that the baby isn’t aborted after all. At least, for the moment. That’s still a victory for life whether it was intentional or not.

Conservatives fight back! Contact Kohl’s, Expedia, and T-Mobile to thank them for sponsoring an episode that recognized an unborn child as a “baby.” 

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