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In September 2014 43 male students of an all-male teacher college in Ayotzinapa (Guerro) decided to go to Mexico City in protest against the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre.

Students rented buses on the Iguala bus station to travel the more than 180-mile trip north toward Mexico City. It was a terrible mistake as the local crime syndicate used one or several of these buses for heroin transport. Recently released text messages between the Guerreros Unidos’ local leader and the Iguala police deputy chief have revealed the police, after detaining the students, gave them over to Guerreros Unidos to be tortured and killed.

Few bodies have yet been discovered. The incident occurred shortly before any bodies were found. The wife of the victim was able to identify her husband only by his clothing, which he had been badly mutilated. Moral of the story: while it’s not totally illegal to own a gun in Mexico, it’s well-nigh impossible to buy one legally. You should keep that 2nd Amendment near your heart.

It is surprising that Mexico has a successful gun manufacturing industry, although it does not equip gun-slingers with six-string guns. Ensenada, Baja California is located approximately 1,900 miles from Ayotzinapa. It has been home to a Fender Musical Instruments plant since 1994. The facility produces Stratocasters and Telecasters as well as other Fender models that are loved around the globe.

Fender’s approach for its import line greatly contrasts with those of the other two premiere American electric guitar manufacturers, namely Gibson and PRS. Gibson produces its budget lines instruments at a Gibson factory in China. PRS also has a separate facility in Indonesia that labels every guitar made at the PRS SE label.

This can be explained in a way that is not obvious to me. For example, while I was talking with a PRS SE dealer, he said the company has a severe supply issue. Not only are a few models unavailable for next year, but many more. This brings up the issue of any PRS SE or Epiphone guitars that are currently sitting on a shipping container outside Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbors.

Given the quite desultory effects of saltwater on wood and wire, even if at least semi-protected from the elements, chances are they won’t be off-loaded, whensoever that may transpire, in excellent condition. Fender has the option of bypassing shipment of its guitars from Ensenada’s port in favor of loading up some trucks and driving the 179 miles up SoCal way between the factory and Fender’s headquarters in Corona, California.

It’s not surprising that the coronavirus era witnessed more people turn to Ensenada or Corona for entertainment. Over the past year, guitar sales increased with 16 million people buying the instrument. (So much for the Washington Post’s 2017 insistence that the electric guitar is dying a slow death. But I digress.)

As a good player and personal opinion, I can attest that Fenders made in Mexico are indeed high quality instruments. I’ve been fortunate enough to own several high-end guitars over the years, alongside some Mexican-made Fenders. Player Plus Nashville Telecaster is by far my favorite guitar. It is impossible to take it from my hands. It works great. And it sounds amazing. It has more mojo than the American-made, or California-made (for those who prefer to think of California as not necessarily being part of the United States), Telecasters I’ve played.

This brings us back to the beginning of this article. The issue of immigration is complex and multilayered. No one, not even those with a higher than average intelligence, objected to people coming legally here to provide better conditions for their family and to earn a better life. It is those who come here illegally for the sake of living off of the American taxpayer’s largesse and be groomed by the Democrats for eventual voting rights to maintain and expand power that face genuine resistance.

Also, fierce opposition should be raised by all patriots and respecters of God’s creation against those who exploit illegal immigrants, be it via paying subpar wages with zero legally required benefits once here or through abhorrent financial and sexual abuse while attempting to get here. Trump, who is reputedly a loathsome man, made human trafficking his top priority. Biden Administration shuns drug and human trafficking meetings in favour of going to a bakery.

A country can’t stop corruption from destroying the foundation of other countries. As a nation, we have nothing to be ashamed of in regard to our greatness giving cause to all those around the world who see their countries as hopelessly engulfed by corruption.

It is possible to make smart investments in these nations to give them the chance to transform their countries from within. Pay in the pocket and food on the table that is earned, not given, are elements of true revolution against socialism’s inherent terminal flaw.

Can we afford to purchase American? Yes. But, it is important to support American companies that employ non-exploitive overseas practices. These directly and positively affect the global consumer economy.

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