Ocasio-Cortez Calls Ben Shapiro an ‘Entitled’ Catcaller for Challenging Her to Debate

“Just like catcalling.”

After being challenged to a debate by The Daily Wire Editor in Chief Ben Shapiro earlier this week, New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declined Thursday evening by likening his offer to that of a catcaller with bad intentions.

“Just like catcalling, I don’t owe a response to unsolicited requests from men with bad intentions,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted in a reply to The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra. “And also like catcalling, for some reason they feel entitled to one.”


A recent ​media blitz by Ocasio-Cortez — who’s become something of a darling on the left and a bugaboo on the right since she ​unexpectedly toppled prominent House Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley in a primary race for New York’s 14th Congressional District — spurred debate challenges from conservative personalities, such as Shapiro and Candace Owens, eager to test the unabashed democratic socialist’s policy chops.

Ocasio-Cortez’s attempt to deflect Shapiro’s offer by comparing his motivations to those of a catcaller did not go over well with her harshest detractors. The response was overwhelmingly negative, especially from right-leaning Twitter personalities.

Free Beacon contributor Noah Pollak charged Ocasio-Cortez with posturing and said Shapiro’s debate invitation indicated the conservative commentator was “treating her as an equal.”

Owens renewed a previous debate invite.

Townhall Editor Katie Pavlich made a similar offer.


So did CRTV Host Allie Beth Stuckey.

Judicial Watch’s Jeremiah Stephan Dunleavy IV accused Ocasio-Cortez of “making a mockery of real victims of sexual harassment.”

Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t without her defenders, one of whom suggested Shapiro’s debate style made her analogy apt.

Shapiro popped up on Twitter to defend the sincerity of his offer.

And he couldn’t resist taking a parting shot at the media. “I’m sure your media sycophants will eat it up,” Shapiro said in a followup tweet.

Conservatives, perhaps sensing a threat in the potential for the millennial socialist to develop into a bonafide ​political star, have been ​relentless in their ​attempts to ​expose Ocasio-Cortez as a flash in the pan.

To be fair, Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t exactly refrained from providing critics with ammunition, like

​the time she claimed that unemployment was low at the moment because “everyone has two jobs.”

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