Obese Baby Boomer Allegedly Forced Female Flight Attendant to Pleasure Him With Butt-Wiping

“You do it. You agreed to assist me.”

An obese man allegedly forced female an airline’s all-female cabin crew to take increasingly degrading steps to accommodate him, culminating in wiping his butt for him as he took audible pleasure in the process.

One of the flight attendants, identified only by her last name, Kuo, recounted the ordeal Monday at a press conference in Taipei. She was accompanied by representatives of the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union, which decried what it described as the man’s blatant sexual harassment of the flight attendants.

According to press reports, the unidentified American passenger, who was wheelchair-bound and weighed an estimated 440 pounds, on Saturday boarded the flight from Los Angeles to Taipei and asked for three adjoining economy-class seats to accommodate his girth. Because the flight was not full, his request was granted.

About two hours into the flight, the man told the cabin crew ― which like on all flights by Taiwan’s EVA Air was made up exclusively of women ― that he was too fat to use the economy class lavatory and must go to business class. This also was allowed.

Then, claiming that his right arm was still weak from a surgery, the man said he required help onto and off the toilet, which was duly provided.

Once in the restroom, the passenger demanded that the door be left open, because otherwise “he couldn’t breathe.” The cabin crew finally drew a line and closed the door, but the man the immediately pressed the call light, and reported that his underwear were stuck and must be removed by a flight attendant.

With his legs spread and genitals exposed, the man pointed at Kuo and said, “You do it. You agreed to assist me,” she told reporters. After at first refusing, she donned a pair of latex gloves and did as she was told.

But if the dedicated flight attendant thought her obligations were complete, she was wrong. When the man was finished relieving himself, he made the ultimate demand: that she clean up the mess he had made in his butt.

Kuo declared this “too much,” she said, and informed the man that none of the women in the cabin crew would be able to help him either. However, with the man causing a scene, the chief flight attendant eventually felt compelled to step in. Wearing three pairs of latex gloves, she handled the dirty deed while Kuo propped the man up.

As Kuo’s boss cleaned the man’s orifice, he moaned, “Oh, mmm, deeper, deeper,” she recalled. He also insisted on a second round.

“You can pull my pants back up now,” he finally said, according to the flight attendant.

(The same passenger had defecated in his underwear during a previous flight in May 2018, Focus Taiwan reported.)

Upon landing in the Taiwanese capital, the man was greeted at the gate by a male crew member pushing the most capacious wheelchair on hand, as requested. Asked whether he needed to use the restroom again, the passenger replied that he could do it himself.

The flight attendants union has asked that EVA sue the man and establish standard operation procedures, including making sure that disabled passengers are accompanied by a caretaker. EVA said in a statement Monday that flight attendants are allowed to refuse requests they consider inappropriate and that it is prepared to provide any required help in a lawsuit against the man.

Although little about the passenger has been made public, photos suggest that he is in his 50s or 60s, which would make him a member of the generation born in the heady years after World War II. Millennials get a bad rap, but as globalization, technology, and immigration have complicated American life, the baby boomers have increasingly been come to be seen as a self-satisfied cohort, who expected the world to ― for lack of a better phrase ― wipe their butts for them.

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