NYT Hypocrisy Keeps Truckin’: Deplores Canadian ‘Violence…Threatening Behavior’

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada found the country’s trucker protest against mandatory vaccinations deplorable, and, with that, The New York Times took that as marching orders and spring into action against the convoy.

Tuesday’s Times story “Trudeau Condemns ‘Freedom Convoy’ Trucker Protest in Ottawa” by Dan Bilefsky and Vjosa Isai was almost comical in the way it railed against the awful things the truckers were supposedly doing — the same things the paper either ignored or applauded when they occurred during the Black Lives Matter protests after the police murder of George Floyd in late May and June 2020.

Bilefsky and Isai briefly admitted that our neighbors to the north have been “suffering pandemic exhaustion after enduring months of truncated lives,” but went back to the bashing.

The paper did not condemn the violence in the major U.S. city. These allegations from the Canadian convoy don’t seem worth any mention.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reacted to protests over weekend Ottawa events against the pandemic restrictions. Demonstrators were chastised for desecrating war memorials, using Nazi symbols, and taking food from the hungry….

The racial protests toppled statues, blocked streets and freeways and caused massive property damage and looted Nike stores and Targets and high-end stores in New York City, set fires and burned flags and smashed police cars, not to mention stabbings and shootings. The TimesThe entire thing was covered in neutrality, without any social distancing lectures. This happened at a moment when outdoor funerals were banned or limited. Protestors were seen dancing in the streets.

The Times couldn’t hide the violence from the BLM protests, but often spun the protestors themselves as heroic as shown in this excerpt from May 2020:

Underlying it at the start was a moment of witness, part anger, part despair, part hope, defined by the seemingly endless drumbeat of deaths as senseless as that of Mr. Floyd’s….It is impossible to manage and control a group as varied and eclectic as those who have shown up at the protest scene in Minneapolis: a 40-year-old black mother of three who had joined her boss, a 21-year-old white woman, to pay homage before their shifts started at a Little Caesars pizza place in the suburbs….

Trudeau continued to be smeared by Isai and Bilefsky (click “expand”)

But he criticized the protesters for flying “racist flags,” hurling abuse at small business owners, spreading disinformation and, in one case, going to a homeless shelter in downtown Ottawa and demanding food.

“There is no place in our country for threats, violence or hatred,” he said, adding that the convoy was not representative of a majority of truckers, 90 percent of whom are vaccinated.

An Ottawa law enforcement spokeswoman said Monday that the police had begun several criminal investigations following the desecration of monuments and other threatening behavior during the weekend protests in Canada’s capital.

(There was plenty of “desecration of monuments and other threatening behavior” in major U.S. cities during the BLM-linked riots, and radical marauders roamed the streets intimidating people eating at restaurants, without Times condemnation.)

Alas! But this is a group that has miscreants.

Even though the demonstrations were sometimes unruly, most protesters were calm. On Sunday, however, urine spots were visible on the snow that covered the National War Memorial. Police towed vehicles that protesters had parked on the memorial and Jim Watson, Ottawa’s mayor, said protesters had disrespected the country’s war dead.

Yet another Times story lamented the “loud and sometimes violent protests” of the truckers — again, a formulation that was never used to describe the actual violence at BLM protests.

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