NYT Finds Insurrection They Can Enjoy and Declare ‘Much More Peaceful’ Than Jan. 6 – Opinion

During the BLM riots, we saw liberal media try to sell us a story that they were “mostly peaceful” even as flames were consuming buildings right behind the reporters trying to sell us that lie.

Why? Why?

On the other hand, with Jan. 6, we see the media still obsessing on it, a year-and-a-half later, and the Democrats hoping to use it to take down a once and possibly future president, although that effort hasn’t been going well for them.

The media has gone overboard. The NY Times provided a great example with a recent article on the fall of Sri Lanka’s government.

For months, protestors have been protesting against government because they are unhappy with how government has destroyed the economy.

Myron Ebell, the director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment, noted that because of this, “all the crop yields have collapsed, they don’t have any tea to sell because the tea harvest is so low. Their revenues are not sufficient to pay for stuff in foreign countries and they don’t produce enough food to feed the people of Sri Lanka. They’re starving to death.”

“This is all the result of a government decision to limit the access to commercial fertilizer,” Ebell told Fox News Digital.

This month, the government was overthrown by protestors who stormed into the presidential palace. They forced President Barack Obama and his staff to resign.

But according to the NY Times, what happened in Sri Lanka was sort of like a garden party and mostly peaceful, “much more peaceful” that the Jan. 6 riot. German Lopez of the New York Times interviewed Emily Schmall, a colleague about what had happened.

After about 24 hours, a gleefulness overtook the place, and some people swam in the president’s pool. They’d done it: They had forced this extremely powerful president — who was accused of war crimes, who was feared — to leave his own home and even the country. The peaceful operation was completed without the use of arms.

So it was an atmosphere of joy and disbelief, with a bit of absurdity and a bit of comedy thrown in — a very Sri Lankan sort of revolution, relatively low-key and polite.

I can’t help but compare this to the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. It seemed more tranquil.

Oh, yeah. I couldn’t help thinking of it either.

There were many differences. One difference was that these individuals were not armed. They were also quite spontaneous. There was not a clear leader. They didn’t do it with any politicians or political parties.

The big difference is that they had broad support. The protesters were embraced by the majority of Sri Lankans, who applauded them as well as participated. People, who might not otherwise have been involved in activism and protests, were happy to wander the property enjoying the moment.

What she leaves out, as we reported, at least 39 were injured in the presidential palace takeover, at least 75 collectively including clashes near the parliament and the prime minister’s house being set on fire. I’m thinking that maybe we’re in “mostly peaceful” territory when the NY Times tries to sell us this story. You don’t even need to talk about the violence during the period leading up to the invasion of the palace. More than 200 people were injured, eight were killed, and 50 houses of officials were damaged in May.



But imagine how the NY Times is cheering an actual coup, where the people rose up and threw out their government — but claiming it’s “more peaceful” than Jan. 6. Not to mention casting Jan. 6 as an “armed” attack. This is one helluva job.

Sri Lanka serves as a warning about the dangers of putting climate goals above the survival of people. This is one that the government appears to be ignoring. Not surprisingly, Schmall left out that part too — about the fertilizer — when describing what happened in Sri Lanka, instead blaming COVID. We’re seeing it with things like the Dutch farmworker protests as well. The NY Times is free to push propaganda, but they don’t have to be reporting on news.

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