NYC Mayor: It’s In ‘Best Interest’ Of Everyone That Kyrie Irving Doesn’t Play In Brooklyn

In Saturday’s 129-126 victory over the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks, Kyrie Irving tallied 38 points, five rebounds and five assists. 

This is just a taste of the value Irving can provide whatever team he plays on (provided he’s not too busy being a drama queen), but for right now, he can only play when the Brooklyn Nets are on the road. 

A citywide mandate requires that all Nets players be immunized in order to play in Barclays Center at home. Irving, who remains unvaccinated in the NBA, will be unable to participate in home games.

Unfortunately, lifting that mandate isn’t something on New York City mayor Eric Mayor’s agenda, because the tyrant believes it would send a bad message to the rest of the citizens in New York City.

“Listen, I want Kyrie on the court. It would be a great honor to have that ring. It’s my desire so badly. There’s so much at risk here. And I talked with the owner. Adams stated that we want to figure out a way for Kyrie to play on the court. However, this is an even bigger problem.” I cannot have my city shut down. It would send the wrong message just to have an exception for one player when we’re telling countless number of New York City employees ‘If you don’t follow the rules, you won’t be able to be employed.’”

Adams will never admit to it but Adams is not lying. Adams did tell the public that Adams was well-intentioned, and Adams wants us all to believe this.

It is not a kindhearted decision to stop Irving playing. This was done to protect the city and prevent another shutdown. Adams is refusing to let go of power. 

It isn’t a sign you don’t care about New Yorkers if Kyrie refuses to be allowed to play, even though unvaccinated Brooklyn players can still play there. It is an indication that you believe that the requirement to get the vaccine in order to maintain your job is good. Not only will the Nets suffer because they will not have one of their top players available full-time, the rest of New York will suffer because of Adams’ delusions. 

The mayor’s stance is eerily similar to the position Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison took when he supported Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s decision to deport Novak Djokovic after the tennis star applied for a vaccine exemption to play in the Australian Open.

“Australians have made many sacrifices during this pandemic, and they rightly expect the result of those sacrifices to be protected,” Morrison asserted. “This is what the Minister is doing in taking this action today.”

Tyrants believe the exact same thing, whether they’re on American soil, or anywhere else in the world. They want to control your freedoms and destroy your lives. It will keep you safe.

This is crazy!

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