NY Teacher Charged With Giving a Minor COVID Vaccine Without Parental Consent – Opinion

This is one of those stories that makes you just say what the heck is going on here, that there probably is more that we’re going to find out later. Because this surely doesn’t make a lot of sense now.

A Long Island high school science teacher, 54-year-old Laura Russo, allegedly gave a 17-year-old boy a shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in her home — and it was captured on video.

“You’ll be fine, I hope,” Russo told him.

“Here you go. At-home vaccine,” the boy responded.

All of this is very scary. The Herricks High School biology teacher isn’t a medical professional and isn’t authorized to give anyone a vaccine. Johnson & Johnson isn’t authorized for kids under age 18. It’s not clear where she got the vaccine from.

Not to mention this is more than a little freaky that a teacher thinks she can do this, including without his parents’ permission. Although the boy was keen to get the vaccine, his parents opposed it. It appears that the teacher tried to get around his parents, as well as everything else. The mother discovered the truth and contacted the police to report the incident.

This is so incredibly crazy, not to mention, what would she have done if something had happened — if the boy had a bad reaction?


Mount Sinai South Nassau Dr. Aaron Glatt told NBC4 that “[b]esides being illegal, it’s just not a smart thing to do. An authorized, licensed professional should be providing vaccines to know how to give them properly to make sure if there’s a complication that can be dealt with immediately and very efficiently.”

Russo now faces a felony for the actions she took. She could spend one and a third to four years in prison for illegal practice of a profession. She was removed from her classroom by the school, and she has been re-assigned while an investigation takes place. Patrick Ryder, Nassau Police Commissioner, said that they are still investigating how she received the vaccine.

Why would this adult do such a thing, and why would the boy even let her, if she’s not even a medical professional? And who knows where she got it from or the safety of the shot, especially because it’s unauthorized for kids his age.

Teachers believe they have the right to dictate what parents do. This is alarming. We’ve seen how crazy the teachers about COVID and the vaccine can be in places like Chicago and elsewhere, but this is beyond the beyond.

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