NY Dem Pols Block Social Media Followers

Numerous prominent New York State politicians have blocked social media followers.

New York State Senator Julia Salazar and Councilmen Rafael Salamanca Jr. were among the officials that blocked constituents from accessing their accounts.

The New York PostReports that Kristin Jordan, City Councilwoman, blocked one constituent because she made comments about the low turnout at her Vigil for Two Murdered Police Officers.

An anonymous Twitter user called @AlBeachGuy reported The Post he was blocked last year from Jordan’s personal account.

“My take is that if they’re going to tweet out their position on government policies and their political opinions on their personal accounts then the public should be able to respond to them,” he said.

One city worker who tweeted @KittyCatC_007 claimed Kagan blocked her shortly after taking office.

“He in particular should know that you can’t or shouldn’t silence somebody for their point of view,” the Twitter user said in reference to Kagan’s emigration from Belarus.

The user said he tweeted to Kagan’s personal account last year when he mentioned Kagan’s past in the Soviet Union. Kagan, who was once part of the Communist party, said that he had left the party in 1991.

Last week, he referred to Kagan as “Comrade General Secretary” in a tweet to Kagan’s official account.

For his part, Kagan implied that politicians should be able to block “trolls” from their personal accounts. Most tweets are retweeted from the government account.

“He’s clearly a troll,” Kagan told The Post. “I should keep this person even on my personal account?”

Lattina Brown, a Bronx resident, claimed Salamanca had blocked her access to his official Facebook page as well as his personal Twitter account.

“It is his responsibility to hear the concerns from the constituents of what’s going on in the community,” Brown said of Salamanca.

Salamanca said his official Twitter account was open to everyone but argued on his personal account “I’m allowed to block whoever I choose.”

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