Numbers Show Who America Is Watching and it Explains the Left’s Fears and Desperation – Opinion

It was to control the entire narrative. It invested a lot time in ensuring its supremacy over both cable news and traditional television. Yet, there were holes in the narrative dam, and despite having overwhelming control of the news space, America is focusing far more on the voices they can’t control.

We’ve known for a long time that when it comes to cable news, MSNBC and CNN trail behind Fox News by miles. They are clearly left-leaning, despite constant efforts to make it seem otherwise. Fox News is the largest cable network with most prominent hosts leaning to the right. This is still the case according to the data, however, if you zoom in a little more and add other voices, it becomes even more frustrating for the left.

According to numbers from Spotify added in with Nielsen ratings, podcast host Joe Rogan takes the top spot in terms of audience, blowing away even Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, America’s most-watched cable news program.

Rogan was already a force to be reckoned with before he became a political personality and to be honest, he’s still not necessarily on a list of political talking heads. Rogan has a range of topics that he discusses with his guests. These include MMA fighting or whether aliens exist. Although politics does occasionally come up, calling Rogan right-winger is a very shortsighted statement. He is also the man who supported Jo Jorgenson as libertarian candidate but only after supporting Bernie Sanders, Vermont senator.

To those paying attention, Rogan doesn’t really have a party he calls home, and his beliefs can span the political spectrum. It’s the fact that some of his more open beliefs fall into a right-leaning category that sends the left into tirades over him and he becomes the target of left-wing media attacks.

Some obvious examples include CNN’s attack on Rogan for using Ivermectin to help combat his bout with the Coronavirus, where the leftist news network claimed Rogan was taking horse dewormer. When Rogan called them out for their lie, including confronting CNN’s resident medical expert Sanjay Gupta, CNN doubled down on the narrative making Rogan wonder out loud if he needed to sue them.

Rogan also openly discusses the problems Joe Biden has with him, such as the fact that Rogan seems unwell and is not mentally or physically fit to run for office. He also has no qualms about discussing how wrong it is for men to compete in women’s sports under the transgender banner.

What makes Rogan so dangerous is that he’s not a political talking head, and not someone they can necessarily dismiss as a right-wing nutjob with extremist tendencies. He’s listened to by people on both sides of the aisle because, like many Americans, he’s more nuanced than a binary political choice.

This is an example of a terrible figure for the left to be a mainstay. Nuance and discussion are dangerous when you’re trying to control a narrative and Rogan shows that you can be nuanced and have discussions with all types without losing it. This not only leads to better understanding but also allows for some interesting discussions that are highly sought-after by people.

Rogan has been vilified by the left in an attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with their narrative. This is why Rogan is a huge target on Twitter.

On the flip side, this is massively good news as it shows Americans are just over the left’s narrative and are thirsty for something more real. It’s a cultural shift that the mainstream is attempting its best not to discuss, but it’s there nonetheless.

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