NPR Touts New ‘Disinformation’ Team, Conservative Twitter Has Field Day

Doug P. at Twitchy noted National Public Radio (NPR) announced the creation of their “Disinformation Reporting Team” on Friday in a note to newsroom staff.

NPR contributor Casey Morell shared the news via Twitter. She wrote: “We have some amazing news for our company: We launched a disinformation group.” It didn’t take long for Conservative Twitter to “pounce,” posting replies underlining the taxpayer-funded network’s many instances of spreading bias and disinformation, ranging from their neglect of the 2020 Hunter Biden story to misleading people about Florida’s response to the coronavirus.

Gregg Re, Fox News contributor tweeted: “Does your managing Editor still believe that the Hunter Biden laptop story is not real?”

Christina Pushaw, Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, joined NPR in promoting “whistleblower,” Rebekah Johnson. Jones spread Fake News about DeSantis & COVID.

NPR’s Nina Totenberg is our current favorite NPR journalist. She face-plants with a story about a COVID controversy at Supreme Court. Justice Sonia Sotomayor was unhappy that Justice Neil Gorsuch did not wear a mask during oral arguments. That was not Real News, Sotomayor and Chief Justice John Roberts deny.

NPR continues to hire more journalists on the “far-right” beat. Lisa Hagen is one of their new members. She has this background as well. The series received the 2021 Pulitzer Prize, for audio reporting.

This is an addition to bringing on Odette Yousef last year as “a National Security correspondent focusing on extremism.” Tom Dreisbach is an investigative reporter who seems to focus on January 6 Extremism.

You get the feeling that NPR lefties who aren’t devoted to extremism and disinformation don’t really believe so.

Twitter trending words for “Defund NPR” was a popular topic, even though most tweets from leftists argued that the “MAGAts”, who wanted to remove money from such an excellent, fact-based news source, were insane. Liberals claimed that NPR was not funded by the government.

NPR likes to say it gets only 2 percent of federal funding, but this is not true. They get much more than 2 percent because NPR stations get large “community service grants” from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and then send it back to NPR for “programming costs.”

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