NPR Sets Up Tip Line to Curb Mask-Mandate Violators with ‘Discipline,’ Even Termination

Former CNN and NBC media reporter Dylan Byers, now with the upstart Puck News, uncorked a hot scoop at National Public Radio. A memo he received from NPR’s internal staff on Thursday outlined a strict COVID policy. 

“NPR is maintaining a very strict mask policy, and has set up an HR tip line for employees to report on colleagues who are not adhering to guidelines—with the possible result of discipline and even termination,” Byers tweeted.

The memo he shared is titled “Safety Protocol Reminders, Tips Enforcement” It asks people to confront their free-faced colleagues about masking — as in “why don’t you just wear a MAGA hat if you’re not going to wear your mask?”

Enforcement: We have asked on-site supervisors to remind staff of the masking requirements when needed,” the memo states. “Masking is still required, unless recording alone in a studio, working alone in an office with the door closed, or actively eating or drinking. (And “actively” does not mean occasionally drinking from a water bottle.)” 

NPR says conservatives want you to live your life. You can read more: “Any exceptional exceptions to these regulations require advance approval.” 

This memo states that NPR has no rebellious employees.

If you notice someone has forgotten their mask, you might tell them, “Hey, you forgot your mask.” It’s actually helping the person to be reminded. No one is trying to ignore the rules. And if you are reminded to wear your mask, say, “Thank you!”

You can also let your HRBP or supervisor know, and they will remind the person. An anonymous concern can be shared via EthicsPoint via [REDACTED] and HR will address your concern promptly but that’s not the best option for an immediate fix.

It’s important to note that NPR made a big deal out of loosening rules and letting NPR staffers go to big protests in the streets “for the freedom and dignity of human beings” (no mask mandate there), but they are tightening the screws on this. NPR staff can use left-wing messaging masks. Nina Totenberg wore an RBG mask to the RBG funeral. 

The memo also states employees’ “failure to comply with our masking requirement may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.” Can you imagine someone getting fired from taxpayer-funded radio for “failure to comply” with mask mandates?

Others mocked this memo’s Big Brother echos by ridiculing them. Mike Glenn at The Washington Times 

One more point is important: NPR’s on-air reporting of this extreme enforcement system is hostile to mask mandates. NPR has also lined up health experts who favor a strong, centralized policy for their own healthcare.

Wear your mask at NPR! Or put America at risk! 

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