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People who remember the 70s and who have a history background are well aware of how difficult it was to live under Jimmy Carter. It was a terrible time for the country. There was inflation, an energy crisis, and miserable times. Jimmy Carter gave a speech that was supposed to “inspire” but because he wasn’t able to come across with anything, it became known as his “malaise speech”  and a symbol of how uninspired and awful his whole presidency was. He said there was a threat to American democracy that was “nearly invisible in ordinary ways.” “It is a crisis of confidence. It is a crisis that strikes at the very heart and soul and spirit of our national will,” Carter declared. He was never able figure out how to govern in order to solve the problems.

Carter is often considered to be one of the most unworthy presidents, if not the greatest.

Welcome back Carter, 2.0.

We’ve already seen Joe Biden being compared to Carter. In terms of economic approval, Biden is not only being compared but also doing worse. It’s remarkable considering Carter was previously considered to be the lowest economic authority in the country when it comes to economy. Even CNN acknowledged the comparison, so you know it’s hurting Biden.

Kamala Harris has reaffirmed the Carter connection with an interview she did yesterday. While speaking with PBS’ “News Hour” Judy Woodruff, Harris said there was a “level of malaise” that was affecting Americans because of the new surge in COVID cases, but said that the country needs to be ready to meet the challenges.

Harris does Harris know any history? Harris doesn’t know the importance of words? Even though she doesn’t know much about history, other people do. Is it really so ignorant? Joe Biden lived then. He ought to know. It would be great if he could remember. If she were consciously trying to do Joe Biden in, I’m not sure that she could be worse sometimes. Kamala, welcome back.

But she’s right that Americans are not happy. Americans are sick and tired of restrictions and lockdowns. They’ve had enough of the constantly changing government dictates. They’ve had enough of the Biden-Harris confusion and failure. I’m not sure malaise is the right word. Anger might be a better one and they’re going to feel that, come the midterms in November, at the ballot box.

On the positive side for Jimmy Carter, it’s becoming clearer all the time that he no longer occupies that bottom rung anymore. Biden-Harris’ team continues to climb to the top, apparently not knowing how far they can fall. They keep going lower.

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