No Info on Disinfo: Nets Burying Radical Woman Behind Anti-Free Speech Board

It’s now been 12 days since the Department of Homeland Security announced what amounts to an Orwellian attempt at muzzling free speech, a disinformation board that will ramp up in the midst of an important midterm election year.

The DHS board has been a topic of silence for both the evening and morning newscasts since April 27th. The newscasts have been silent on Nina Jankowicz (the partisan and hard-left Democrat running it) as well. 

The Sunday chat show’s May 1 edition was broadcast without interruption for just one minute and 23 second. Meet the Press, there’s been no network coverage of the board or Jankowicz. There have been some disturbing developments since the last disinformation monitor update, May 2. 

The woman, whose job it is to discern truth from disinformation, gave a speech in Cleveland last October called “Disinformation and Democracy: Civic Discourse in the Digital Age.” 



Townhall has noted her opinion on Critical Race Theory.  

Critical Race Theory has become one of those hot-button issues that the Republicans and other, you know, ‘disinformers’ who are engaged in disinformation for profit, frankly — there are plenty of, you know, media outlets that are making money off of this too — have seized on.Loudoun County is my home in Virginia. This area has been a hot spot for people who have been really focused on this subject. 

Loudoun County has seen a lot of CRT. It’s also an issue that journalists buried in Northern Virginia. So she’s wrong that several “media outlets” are pushing it. 

Coverage? ZERO for the morning and evening newscasts.

Josh Barro, a journalist, pointed out that Jankowicz was calling on platforms not to advertise for masks. It was during COVID. You’d think that journalists, who have been big proponents of wearing masks, would at least question this now. But they didn’t. 



Coverage? ZERO for the morning and evening newscasts.

Republicans in the Homeland Security Committee have raised concerns about Jankowicz. The board’s goals and structure were the subject of questions from GOP members who questioned Secretary Alejando Mayorkas. Here’s on May 5: 

With “sincere concern”, the thirteen Republican members of Thursday’s committee requested that Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security Secretary of Mexico, provide information about Mayorkas to the committee, such as the organization of the disinformation board and its members. They also demanded schedules and recommendations from Mayorkas. According to the Fox News Digital letter, they also criticised Mayorkas’s confusion in rolling out the board.

The letter was written by ranking member Rep. Jon Katko (R-N.Y.). It states that “Your recent testimony, media statements concerning the board, and a briefing for Committee staff have only created further questions and concern.”

Coverage? ZERO for the morning and evening newscasts.

Jankowicz, as I mentioned last week, also threw in some bizarre moments on her Twitter account, like the February 2021 parody. Mary Poppins, singing, “Information laundering is really quite ferocious. It’s when a huckster takes some lies and makes them sound precocious, by saying them in Congress or a mainstream outlet, so disinformation’s origins are slightly less atrocious.”  

Coverage? ZERO for the morning and evening newscasts.

This Monday, May 9, 2009 The Washington Examiner reported that Jankowicz pushed the debunked Trump-Russia collusion claims: 

The head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board has an extensive history of promoting baseless Trump-Russia collusion claims from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, including allegations now scrutinized by special counsel John Durham.

Nina Jankowicz has cited Christopher Steele as a disinformation expert, made misleading claims about the funding of his dossier, cast doubt on the Hunter Biden laptop story, downplayed Iranian election meddling, and critiqued the Wuhan, China, lab leak hypothesis.

What network will cover these shows? It is not encouraging. 

It would seem that journalists who make their living from freedom of speech would be worried about disinformation boards run by people with loose facts. But they don’t seem very bothered.  

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