Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit: A Runner’s Best Friend

50 million Americans run in some capacity. Whether it is jogging, sprinting, or competing, 15% of the United States population runs. Based on the numbers, isn’t it important to have amazing shoes?

That’s exactly what Nike did. The global mega-brand created the Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit shoe. These are some of the best running shoes that money can buy at the moment. If you are looking for a pair of high-quality running shoes, look no further. 

Continue reading the rest of this article to find out all the benefits of Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit shoes!

Your Next Running Shoe: Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit

The Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit running shoe is a true piece of technology for your feet. Nike has been releasing amazing running shoes in the past few years thanks to none other than Eliud Kipchoge. 

If it weren’t for his astonishing 1:59 marathon record in 2020, the company may not have ever released these shoes. Nike has been creating new shoes that feature groundbreaking technology that will make you run faster.

If you are looking for the Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit for sale, they can be found online or in stores.

These shoes have many features of the shoes that Kipchoge wore. The good part is, they are much less expensive so anyone can go pick up a pair.

How Does the Shoe Perform?

The first part of this Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit review is the performance. Out of all Nike’s running shoes, these will give you the best performance for the lowest price. 

These shoes are great if you over-pronate while you run. Nike has directed lots of money and resources to make running shoes that will fit any running style. These shoes are no different.

The shoes have a sort of banana shape to them. This shape provides stability. The shape also places your feet in an arch that supports the foot. In doing so, you will be protected against severe pronation.

One thing you may notice with the shoe is their soles. The soles of this shoe are very springy and almost make you bounce. These soles encourage you to push off your toes. These shoes will help you run more efficiently.

As with many newer Nike shoes, this shoe has a carbon fiber plate. Carbon fiber can truly help with your running. The plate allows for runners to seemingly press off the ground with more force, pushing you forwards faster.


Next in the review of the Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit shoe is comfort. The upper part of the shoes seamlessly molds to the shape of your foot. While you are running, the upper part of the shoe will move with your foot instead of telling it where to go.

Some shoes cut off circulation while running, not these shoes. They will mold around your foot. This makes the shoes feel comfortable in all running situations. 

If you notice that your ankle feels weird in the shoe, that’s okay. This is an issue that runners are used to! If you feel this, you just need to change your socks or change the way you are tying the shoes.

The shoe gives your toes room to breathe. Having your toes press up directly onto the tip of shoes while running can cause injury and makes you uncomfortable. One of the worst parts of running is having to adjust your feet every few miles. With these shoes, you don’t have to.

The soles of the shoe are stern yet soft. The soles are thick and give you lots of protection and comfort while also giving you bounce. The carbon fiber plate gives you an amazing feeling when you are striking the ground with each pass.

These shoes are incredibly comfortable. With any running shoe, it will take 1-2 runs to get them broken in. After those quick runs, they should feel amazing each time you use them.

The Appearance of the Shoe

Honestly, there aren’t many running shoes that look as good as these. They look just like the Vaporfly 4% shoes but also look like they can be worn as a lifestyle shoe. You can wear these shoes outside of running and not feel uncomfortable about it.

The shoes almost have a classic look to them. They come in a few different color patterns and can go with several different outfits. They are clean, bold, and sleek.

How Do the Shoes Fit?

Each shoe brand has a different range of what size should look like. An 11 in Asics might be a 10.5 in Adidas, etc. These shoes will fit true to whatever size you are. If you have Nike shoes already, use the same size unless you need bigger or smaller shoes.

You can even size up a half size and feel good in these shoes. If you are a runner who likes the additional room for your toes, that might be a good idea. You also need to take your socks into account. If you wear thick socks, you might need a bigger size.

Everything Sounds Great, but How Much Do They Cost?

Shoes with new technology are generally very expensive. Nike shoes with carbon fiber can exceed prices of more than $200. However, these shoes are different. You can find a pair for $150 on the open market.

Nike Vaporfly Next% shoes can put a $250 hole in your pocket. The Vaporfly and Zoom Fly Flyknit have similar technology and properties. You will be able to get a great bang for your buck with these shoes.

Overall Grade: 4.8/5

These are truly great shoes. They are not chunky, they are not heavy, and they aren’t overpriced. They have everything that you need to get the most out of each run.

The shape of the shoe and the carbon fiber plate give you incredible support. The shoes will help propel you forward with each stride. To understand the greatness of these shoes, you need to try them.

Get yourself a pair of Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit shoes, you and your feet will be happy! Make sure to check out our website for more on news, politics, and culture.

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