NFL Star Uses Perfect Analogy to Blast Members of Congress Like Pelosi Who Trade Stocks – Opinion

Nancy Pelosi’s staunch defense of stock-market traders by Congress members is one of the most questionable of her many actions. This was despite the possibility that they could pass legislation which might affect the stocks of the companies where they are stockholders or buy stock.

Although Tyrell Crosby, the Detroit Lions’ offensive tackle for Tyrell Crosby is a successful professional at defending his quarterbacks, he now questions why Congress members are permitted to trade stock.

Crosby asked the question for the first time in a tweet in January.

If as an NFL player we aren’t allowed to bet on games(which I fully agree with), why are government officials allowed to buy stocks/stock options?

Excellent question. Nancy Pelosi couldn’t be reached for comment.

The star defensive player continued his very basic — and very valid — argument on Wednesday’s “Just the News” TV show with host John Solomon, saying it just hit him, one day.

Just a random thought in my head, I was lying down on the bed. [after seeing an ad for sports betting, and]It just happened to me. As an NFL player, I’m not allowed to bet on any NFL games. I can’t do any of that stuff.

But then you’ve got people in Congress, and they’re able to trade stocks despite being able to implement policies that can] drastically affect the market. You can basically manipulate stocks.

Crosby’s observations are spot on. Crosby is like insider traders who are Inside information on a particular company, its products or services, and/or any other important information known only by “insiders,” congressional lawmakers have insight into pending legislation that might very well drive the price of a particular stock (or multiple stocks) up or down. That said, the quickest way to make “a lot” — or “lose a lot” — of money is by participating in the options market, which is generally not recommended by stockbrokers (I It was oneFor 27 years, it was not available to those who are weak of heart or have insufficient resources to sustain substantial losses.

This leads us to Pelosi.

Because of her vocal defense of this practice by Congress members, I referenced Speaker as a multi-millionaire, hypocrite extraordinaire. These RedState headlines are a troubling story:

More Pressure Applied to Pelosi to Stop a Corrupt Practice That Should’ve Been Illegal Long Ago

The Elite are trying to come down on Redditors. Maybe people should be looking at what Pelosi just did

There’s a Reason Pelosi Doesn’t Want Stock Restrictions on Lawmakers

Let’s get to the bottom of it:

After ferociously defending, in effect, “insider trading” by members of Congress, Pelosi — under continuing pressure from both sides of the aisle — appeared to suggest in January she is open to a ban on stock trading by members of Congress, a stark shift from her previous stance that members and their families should be allowed to make such financial transactions.

Pelosi speaking as Pelosi:

“I have great confidence in the integrity of my members [except Republican members]. They’re amazing. They are remarkable.

[But] to give a blanket attitude of we can’t do this and we can’t do that because we can’t be trusted, I just don’t buy into that. But if members want to do that, I’m OK with that.

Pathetic? It is. (See: “Which way are the political winds blowing?”)

Incidentally, Madam Speaker and her husband Paul —who owns a San Francisco-based real estate and venture capital investment and consulting firm — have amassed an estimated net worth of somewhere between $46 million and more than $120 million, depending on the accuracy of various sources, despite Pelosi’s 33 years in Congress and current annual salary of $193,400.

Paul Pelosi purchased upwards to $1 million in Tesla options call options in December, in a questionable deal. Documents showed that Joe Biden had announced his plans to substitute the federal auto fleet entirely with electric cars weeks later. The number of Teslas in the federal car fleet was not specified. However, Mr. Pelosi is allowed to exercise his shares as long as the amount remains above $500.

It’s all good.

Tesla stock traded at $916.30 as of the writing date. For those of you keeping score at home, if the Pelosis sold their options at this price, they would realize a gain of $416.30 per share — More than 83 per cent in a little over a month

Obviously, the Pelosis are “master” stock The manipulators traders.

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