NewsGuard Failing Fox News Because of ‘Journalistic Standards’ Is a Pathetic Joke

Leftist website ratings firm NewsGuard is back to show the world why it’s a pathetic excuse for an internet traffic cop by giving a failing grade while completely undercutting its own complaint.

NewsGuard downgraded July 18 from a green-shield 69.5/100 rating in December 2021 to a red-shield 57/100, noting that the website “fails to adhere to several basic journalistic standards.” This is coming from the same firm that left the liberal USA Today’s perfect 100/100 score intact after the newspaper removed 23 stories because one of its reporters fabricated sources. NewsGuard even praised USA Today for how its “stories quote reliable sources.”

One of NewsGuard’s contentions with Fox is that the news outlet allegedly fails to handle “the difference between news and opinion responsibly.” Apparently, NewsGuard couldn’t correctly discern the difference, either. A “Corrections” note put at the bottom of its “nutrition label” scorecard for Fox News admitted that an earlier version falsely “referred to Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham as Anchors [who cover the news]Instead of Hosting [who lead opinion shows], of their nighttime Fox News Channel programs.” 

But NewsGuard’s obsession with dinging outlets it disagrees with isn’t new.

A December 2021 MRC study found that outlets rated “left” or “lean left” by AllSides received an average NewsGuard score of 93/100. Sites that AllSides considered “right” or “lean right” like Fox News scored an average NewsGuard rating of 66/100. MRC President Brent Bozell slammedNewsGuard tweets its leftist bias on July 21, “NewsGuard makes money off censoring conservatives to promote their leftist agenda,” Bozell said. “We did a study to prove it. It’s absurd that Fox News switched to a red rating while CNN, MSNBC and MSNBC have a green rating. What utter garbage.” NewsGuard says it last updated MSNBC’s nutrition label on —  oh, look at that — July 21, 2022, to show a failing 52/100 grade after enjoying a 70/100 rating since at least Dec. 13, 2021, according to a screenshot MRC took of the nutrition label on that date. It’s amazing how timing works. CNN has an embarrassing history of spreading falsehoods and is currently rated at 80/100.

NewsGuard continued to criticize Fox News for not separating opinion content and news. This is a clear sign of a lack of self-awareness. makes no distinction between opinionated and news video content. sometimes publishes opinion without labelling it. It also frequently reports on U.S. political, cultural, and other stories. It does not reveal a conservative viewNewsGuard determined that the site does not comply with the standards for managing the distinction between opinion and news responsibly. [emphasis added.] clearly labeled Ingraham, Hannity Carlson as hosts of talk shows, which are naturally opinion-based, but NewsGuard apparently couldn’t even be trusted to do its due diligence initially and make the proper distinction. 

It’s also interesting how both the leftist The New York Times and The Washington Post don’t disclose covering the news from a liberal perspective, as the MRC repeatedly illustrated, but NewsGuard didn’t seem to take much issue with that. In fact, both newspapers, which both have perfect 100/100 scores, were determined by NewsGuard to handle “the difference between news and opinion responsibly.”

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