NewsBusters Podcast: The Jeff Zucker Cult Sounds Eternally Grateful

Grab your hankies. Brian Stelter & Oliver Darcy, who reported on the Jeff Zucker firing at CNN, said that the majority of the anger from reporters, producers, and managers close to Zucker was directed at WarnerMedia CEO. Jason Kilar and AT&T CEO John Stankey. We hear variations on this expression: “Jason is the boss that I’ve ever known.

Stephen Battaglio at The Los Angeles TimesAn angry employee had brought the Zucker adoration team. “If we had not had Jeff here during the Trump administration, we would have probably been taken out, and you would have something like Fox News Lite on the air right now,” Jim Acosta said.

They were angry at Chris Cuomo, who forced Zucker to his death. “He threatened,” Jake Tapper said. “Jeff said we don’t negotiate with terrorists. Chris destroyed the entire place. How do we get past that perception that this is the bad guy winning?” Tapper said they would have been “benign vanilla gruel” without Zucker.

CNN staff should refrain from calling anyone else a “cult”, after hearing them speak about Zucker. Jamie Gangel even suggested that members of the congressional January 6th committee felt “devastated for our democracy” over Zucker’s dismissal.

Stelter touted his Reliable Sources pOdcast: Claire Atkinson, media reporter for Claire Atkinson said that she liked the Zucker news as a mystery about a crime scene and it was “like ‘The SopranosThe following is a list of? The Godfather all rolled into one story.” Zucker is the boss of a mob. It feels like an alien invasion to us. Toy StoryTo Mr. Potato Head “We are forever grateful.”

The podcast also discusses Matt Lee from AP comparing State Department to Alex Jones and Mike Memoli of NBC being heckled. We also talk about PolitiFact’s heightened sensitivity regarding cheeseburgers. Listen to the podcast here or wherever podcasts are available.

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