Pluralist - NewsBusters Podcast: Devout Pro-Abortion Democrats Claim They're Religious

NewsBusters Podcast: Devout Pro-Abortion Democrats Claim They’re Religious

On this edition of the NewsBusters Podcast, executive editor Tim Graham examines how the Democrats and the liberal media pretend to be religious as they preach their pro-abortion agenda, calling out Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) who says she’s “very Catholic” and very pro-choice, and Vice President Kamala Harris who claims pro-choice positioning has no bearing on your faith. The media merely nods along with those actively participating in marches, and others covering up their leaning on covert liberal activist.

Graham points out that the media has allowed Democrats to get away with positions they don’t understand, like allowing Liberals to illegally intrude on Supreme Court Justices at their home and then staying silent rather than condemning assassinations. And how they make ridiculous arguments of their own, such as warning abortion restrictions “could cost states residents.”

Can abortion not already accomplish this?

Scott Whitlock’s flashback, which he has compiled with our research director, is also what he highlights. It demolishes Katie Couric’s claims that she has only recently become an activist. Unfortunately for her, NewsBusters has a long memory and an expansive media archive, with which he pulled up Whoopi Goldberg outing Couric as an abortion activist in a 1997 interview.

He wraps it up with CNN’s latest covert liberal activists.


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