NewsBusters Podcast: Blinded Brian Stelter Touts Murdoch as World’s Most Dangerous Man

As the networks show us grisly photos of dead civilians lying in the streets of Ukraine, when most people could agree what Vladimir Putin is a deeply evil man, CNN and Brian Stelter touted a hot take (attributed to President Biden) that Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch is somehow “the most dangerous man in the world.” We checked and Murdoch hasn’t killed anyone.

Stelter opened his talk by blaming Fox News for “demonizing Disney”, and making an issue about the left-wing wish to teach transgender theories to kindergarteners. He made a big deal about transgender advocate Charlotte Clymer’s horrible history of antiLGBT racism in America and Fox is only continuing that. 

Finally, we end with some disgust at Chuck Todd’s softball. Meet the PressInterview with Hillary Clinton. Todd said that Russia fears Hillary Clinton more than Trump. Hello? It was not Trump’s time to invade Ukraine, Putin did.

Listen to the podcast here or anywhere else you like.

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