NewsBusters Podcast: Biden’s Bumper Bowling and Comedy Talk with Christian Toto

The latest NewsBusters podcast features Curtis Houck’s view on CNN’s “town hall” pre-scripted and pre-screened with Joe Biden. They ended the conversation softly and it felt almost like bumper-bombing. This was protecting Joe Biden from gaffes, gutter balls, and other blunders.

Also, Dave Chappelle’s alleged plans to cancel comedy and culture with Christian Toto ( and Right On Hollywood podcast. NBC had a plan to tell a balanced story. They would highlight the extreme leftist claims of hate speech and then counter that by Ted Sarandos (Nintendos CEO) apologizing for his “screw up” with the most sensitive fraction of his workers. “I should have led  up with a lot more humanity,” he confessed.

Toto marvels how news media are able to find new angles and continue to extend a story — such as Netflix’s “mess” — while somehow losing interest in what actually happened following our failed withdrawal from Afghanistan. You don’t need an update about what has happened in Afghanistan.

You can listen to it below, or anywhere else that you find podcasts. 

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