New York Times Posts Nasty Op-Ed Proposing We Kill Gods…on Good Friday

Good Friday begins at 5 AM The New York TimesA nasty guest essay entitled “In this Time of War” was posted. It read, “In This Time of War I Propose That We Give up God.” It was illustrated by a primitive scribble of God, holding a small lightning bolt in one hand and a helpless human in the other. Shalom Auslander (a very bitter and religious man) was the author. He probably should have changed his name to “Shalom”, which means peace. 

It is his autobiography about his childhood. Foreskin’s Lament,A “New York Times Notable Book,” which recounts Auslander’s “painfully, cripplingly, incurably, miserably religious” youth. He is currently reciting his latest rant about Passover, which also starts today. God is a war criminal 


God seems to paint with a large brush. He works with a rolling pin. He even killed the firstborn in Egypt, according to our Rabbi. The cattle. He was a cow killer. The God of Jews, Christians, and Muslims would be brought to The Hague even if he were a mortal. Yet, we are proud of him. We emulate him. Our children should be just like him.

It might be a time when missiles are falling and mass graves contain the bodies of those who have died, to stop imitating such a hateful God. We might be able to stop extolling His brutality. Perhaps now is a good time to teach our children to pass over God — to be as Unlike him as possible.

“And so God killed them all,” the rabbis and priests and imams can preach to their classrooms. “That was wrong, children.”

“God threw Adam out of Eden for eating an apple,” they can caution their students. “That’s called being heavy-handed, children.”

Cursing all women for eternity because of Eve’s choices?

“That’s called collective punishment, children,” they can warn the young. “Don’t do that.”

“Boo!” the children will jeer.

This sounds like what the public-school teachers you see on social media might like to teach. Auslander stated that killing Gods seems like a good idea. 

Pestilences and floods. With fire and fury.

We, humans made after his likeness, can do the same. Fixed-wing and cluster bombers, self-propelled mortars, and thermobaric rocket-launchers.

“Why did God kill the first-born cattle?” my rabbi said. “Because the Egyptians believed they were gods.”

The idea of killing gods is something I’m all for.

We did not receive this Friday paper. They published instead a Passover thought article by Sharon Brous, a liberal Rabbi, and an interview with Timothy Keller (a Presbyterian minister who is currently dying from pancreatic carcinoma). 

[Hat tip: Gabriel Hays,]

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