New Polling on Jan. 6 Destroys Dems’ Dreams – Opinion

Nancy Pelosi (D.CA), several other Democrats and Never Trump people, like Rep. Liz Cheney. (RINO–WY), have done everything they could to maximize the political impact of Jan. 6. They have the Jan. 6 Committee going through — which they hope to use to smear and flagellate Republicans with hearings in the run-up to the 2022 midterms. Pelosi and Dems will hold remembrance activities on the anniversary date. My colleague Mike Miller reported on why Pelosi can’t quit Jan. 6 and why the NY Times is now trying to push “Every Day is Jan. 6” in an unhinged rant.

Media is right there with them, with folks like Brian Stelter talking about the “trauma” that reporters suffered during the riot as though they were landing at Normandy. He got into a fight with Grabien founder Tom Elliott.

“Twitter user.” He wouldn’t even acknowledge who Elliott is. Perhaps, because Stelter is CNN, he doesn’t know.

These are the same folks who termed months of leftist rioting against the local and federal government with hundreds of police injured “mostly peaceful protests.” These are the same folks who mocked President Donald Trump when he was allegedly rushed to a bunker by the Secret Service despite the violent rioting at the White House, with at least 60 Secret Service agents being injured over three days last year. Are there any memorials?

But if the Democrats want to go this route, they’re likely to find that this hurts them more than it helps. They’re trying to use it to attack Republicans but a new Morning Consult poll indicates that Americans are not holding it against Republicans. Republicans have seen a rise in their opinion, and many more people see Republicans heading in the right directions. Meanwhile, Democrats’ opinion has fallen.

Nearly half of voters – 47 percent including a similar share of independents, said they didn’t expect the riot to have any impact on their votes in November.

So while Pelosi is doing all she can to ramp up on Jan. 6, it doesn’t look like the effort is going to give them what they want. Americans have largely moved on and are looking at the issues that are of great concern to them now like inflation, the economy, and crime — all of which Joe Biden is doing badly on. Other polling shows that Americans believe Democrats focus on the wrong issues. Not surprisingly, when they’re doing things not based on what’s best for America but on what they think will help their political power, as with the concentration on Jan. 6.

Even the Democratic pollsters themselves stated that Joe Biden is focusing too much on the wrong thing earlier this month.

Two-thirds of likely voters overall (66 percent) – including strong majorities of Independents (63 percent) and Democrats (59 percent) —agree that President Biden and national Democrats are not only “out-of-touch with hardworking Americans,” but moreover, that they “have been so focused on passing their own agenda that they’ve been ignoring Americans’ day-to-day concerns, such as the rising prices for goods and gasoline.”

Voters also believe that Biden has not been paying enough attention to the country’s most important problems (53 percent), rather than having the right priorities (38 percent). Independents are more likely to agree with this assessment, at 58 percent, while only 27 percent say Biden is not paying enough attention.

The pollsters warned that Democrats have to “Find your way back to moderate policies and ‘kitchen table issues,’ or suffer potentially one of the greatest midterm losses of any party in recent history.”

But so far, the Democrats aren’t taking the hint. Looks like Liz Cheney is not going to get what she wants and she’s going to lose her seat.

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