New Poll Shows Voters Think Republicans Would Handle Major Issues More Effectively than Democrats – Opinion

New polls show that voters are more confident in Republicans handling major problems than Democrats. This is an encouraging poll for the GOP, but they can’t take their foot off the gas until they win back the majority in the House and Senate.

As I previously reported, some GOP Senators try to lower expectations regarding the Senate elections. This could be their way to encourage more voters to vote. They will be able to win the House majority and the Senate majority if the GOP base votes and gets out in force in November. The Senate will be tougher because there are 21 Republican seats up for reelection and just 14 Democratic seats, but the House seems to be going GOP’s way.

Fox News poll showed registered voters think Republicans can handle high-priced crime and border security better than Democrats.

Chris Anderson, a Democratic pollster, conducts Fox surveys along with Republican Daron Shire:

“Between passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, killing al Qaeda’s leader, less pain at the pump, and the Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices taking away abortion rights, the political landscape is less horrible for Democrats … There are successes Democrats can point to that didn’t exist in the spring, but the biggest single change I see in this poll is the increased disapproval of the Supreme Court and suspect that is a significant factor.”

Daron Shaw:

“In recent congressional elections, an even ballot test has meant the Republicans are extremely likely to win a majority of seats … This is because of two things. Two, Democrats tend to be more concentrated geographically in smaller districts, while Republicans draw more districts to their advantage. This effect should remain in 2022, although it may be diminished after the latest round of redistricting.”

52 percent of Republicans prefer inflation to the 25 percent of Democrats. Democrats prioritise abortion, climate change and the right to vote at the top. Republicans prioritize abortion and border security.

According to the majority of respondents, it was important that Hunter Biden be investigated and January 6 explored.


While this poll is encouraging for the GOP it is not enough to win the Senate majority. They will be able to win the majority if they get out the GOP voters in large numbers. The Democrats will win if there are not enough of them.

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