NEW NewsBusters Podcast: Our Extremely Rigged Media with Mollie Hemingway

Also The New York TimesThe sudden decision to declare (quietly), that emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop were real has been made. NewsBusters has the perfect chance to speak to Mollie Hingway, Editor-in Chief of The Federalist and Fox News contributor about how major media and Big Tech behaved as a goon team censoring journalism on this laptop in October 2020. They claimed it was Russian disinformation.

Her book Rigged: How Big Tech and the Media Seize Our ElectionsMollie wrote a chapter entitled “Burying biden corruption,” which outlines the most egregious attempts to bury it. Hunter ignored all information contained in Hunter’s email about his international buckracking of Vice President Daddy. 

Also, we discuss Supreme Court confirmations which are the topic of Mollie’s final book. Justice at the Trial With Carrie Severino, we discuss the unfounded and vicious teenage-rape accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. Mollie and Mark Hemingway are husbands mocked Sen. Dick Durbin on TwitterPolitico was told by Jackson that it was outrageous for Republicans to ask Ketanji Brown Jack’s public record regarding prosecuting child porn and zsex crime. 

Mollie has harsh words for Republicans who attempt to placate “mainstream” media. She insists that no one should use “mainstream” media for these extreme media. Next time we have a Republican debate about these leftist networks, let’s not do it. Mollie cannot stand to be called a “moderator” for these debate-joeys. 

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