NEW NewsBusters Podcast: News Engagement Plunges Under Biden

New surveys show that trust in media is at an all-time low and people are less likely to engage with news content in the second half of the year. News of mass shootings or terrible inflation is not what people like, so they’re tuning out.

Not all channels are affected: stated that although CNN and MSNBC have seen their viewership drop …. but Fox News has a growing viewership.

Former TimeAmanda Ripley, reporter for a newspaper confessed to the crime in an interview. Washington Post Opinion piece: She has turned off the news since it is too sad and unfit for her “humans.” Women, particularly those who are affected by climate doom or mass shootings feel hopeless.

Gallup’s latest poll found that Americans have lost confidence in American institutions. This was only 11% for television news and 16% for newspapers.

Pew Research found that 76% want equal time for public issues. However, only 44% agreed with reporters. They cannot help but to tilt the scales in favor of “the right side of history.”

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