NEW NewsBusters Podcast: All Is Well at The White House Swamp Dinner

Media made big deals about the White House Correspondents dinner being back Saturday night. Biden joked that the media is not as popular as he. Biden has a knack for making fun of the popularity of the press.Because we love you, children, we kid! 

The press is not elected. They get to prance around as the People’s Guardians even if most Americans wouldn’t elect them as their representatives. 

It’s always funny when they try to make it sound like Donald Trump didn’t come because he was a petulant brat who couldn’t take the heat. And then we can say “Okay, and how many of you would accept an interview request from the Tucker Carlson show?” They’d say “that would be a counterproductive disaster that would enlighten no one.” So why should a president the press despises make an appearance?

Also, we discuss CNN boss Chris Licht’s email to his troops regarding overcoming “groupthink” and respecting other viewpoints. We also talk about how this might scare liberal insiders. NPR offers an audio release to Rachel Levine (transgender Biden bureaucrat).

Listen to the podcast here or anywhere else you like. 


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