New AMC Anti-Cop Drama ‘61st Street’: ‘Defund the Police…We Have to Protect Ourselves!’

AMC’s new anti-cop drama 61st Street aired its second episode, “The Hunter and the Hunted,” Sunday, and it was just as bad as expected considering the pilot episode. They’ve made it clear their goal is to make all police look as bad as possible and sway public opinion against them.

On Sunday’s episode, the police continued their manhunt for Moses Johnson (Tosin Cole), who accidentally killed good cop Michael Rossi (Patrick Mulvey) when Rossi fell onto a large nail after Moses shoved him to escape. Just before the accident, Rossi divulged to his partner Johnny Logan (Mark O’Brien) that he had evidence of corruption within the department, and it appears Logan plans to continue Rossi’s work to uncover it.

Lieutenant Brannigan, played by Holt McCallany), is one of many bad cops with many officers under his command. So, the writers decided to have Brannigan be the one to talk about how hard police have it in today’s anti-cop climate, an obvious move to render this fact meaningless by having viewers associate it with corruption. He even goes so far as to urge Logan to lie about what happened at the scene of Rossi’s accidental death so they can “play” it to their advantage in order to gain public support:

Brannigan: Did you fire your weapon?

Logan: Yeah.

BranniganAre you sure?

Logan: He ran across the wall.

BranniganAre you sure? You didn’t see him coming at you. Logan, it’s a fleeting moment. We lost control over the events that have been taking place in this country. All across America, cops feel like they can’t perform their job. Worse, it’s time to say sorry. It’s a cop’s fault. With this and a fellow officer killed on the streets for his work, it swings our way. Michael Rossi’s death will be remembered as a lesson in how to play the right game. It’s a simple question. You are the one who is running or you are the one who is coming at him.

Last week, Brannigan ordered his men to throw Moses’s brother Joshua (Bentley Green) into a river when he refused to give up Moses’ name. Now, Brannigan pretends to be a good cop who’s on Joshua’s side, while in another room, an officer who planted drugs in the Johnson’s home interrogates Moses’ and Joshua’s mother Norma (Andrene Ward-Hammond) and uses the drugs as blackmail:

Brannigan: What are they doing to you? I got you now. Is it possible that the police officer who found him doesn’t look like you? But what if they are like him? Joshua, it’s getting late. Joshua, he gets killed there. Tell me about your brother to save his life. This is your responsibility.

Young: Give them the things they want and they will find their way. God will know what Moses is going to do.

Norma: “Them”? “They”? What does this make you young man?

OfficerLady, you were taken into custody with the intent to distribute drugs that we discovered in your house. This matches what we took from the corner.

NormaThat means:

Officer: Your warehouse. This is not the best environment to raise a child. It’s kind of my duty to send a message to the protective services.

Young: We do it because we love what we do.

Even the writers went as far to make Martha Ellis (Aunjanue) a character who ran for alderman.

Martha60 schools were closed by the government because it wouldn’t afford them. At the same time they charged more to have the police officers in the schools they kept open. What does this say about us and their views? How do we deal with an organization that is funded from our taxes and chooses to harm or kill those it was supposed to help? We have to decide what we will do about an organization that has members who are criminals and murderers. Then we stop funding the organization.You should now hear what I have to say, as I don’t want to be masked by any politician. The police should be defunded. We have to be safe. Our community must be served by us shutting them off!It has to be us. They are not the answer. It’s the right time for the South Side to be on the inside. Yeah.

At the episode’s end, Brannigan has Moses cornered at gunpoint, and he urges him to run so he has an excuse to shoot him. Moses stands as his mother, and his lawyer come to his aid.

Brannigan: Moses!

Moses: Hey! Hey, don’t shoot, don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!

Brannigan: What your mother told you?

Moses: Don’t shoot, man!

Brannigan: Run. So, go ahead. Run!

Franklin: Stop!

NormaStop shooting him Stop! You’re my boy, stop!

Franklin: Stop! I am his lawyer. Franklin Roberts is mine, and I’m the man’s lawyer.

Moses: Mama, I’m sorry!

Brannigan: You’re under arrest.

Norma: Please don’t harm him!

Moses: No! You can’t! No, no, no, no, no!

Brannigan: Let your hands be there for you.

MosesThe truth is that I did not do nothing. I did not do nothing. Mama, I’m sorry! It’s impossible for me to do anything!

Norma: You can’t do it to him.

Franklin: I’m sorry! It will be okay. It will be okay.

Moses: Mama!

It’s a heart wrenching scene, but that’s the point. It’s meant to illicit sympathy for suspects and hatred for the police. It’s also quite funny. sadly working judgingStarting at theNumerous tweetsStarting at peopleThis is colorWho are watchingThe show.

This type of hatred has led to a record number of officers shot on duty in 2021. Unfortunately, there has been an increase of 43% in the number of officers killed on duty since 2021. Is it any wonder why so many good officers have left their jobs in Chicago, leading to the city’s lowest staffing in recent history?

Real-life Chicago alderman and former police officer Anthony Napolitano told Fox News that Chicago has become “the land of the lost.” He continued:

The rise of crime is a fact.  People aren’t afraid of the police anymore…Politicians have vilified the police. The police need to be defunded. Nobody wants to be the police anymore…It’s a lawless land right now.”

It’s too bad Hollywood has such terrible shows. 61StStreet are so blinded by their agenda that they refuse to show what’s really going on.

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