Never Trumper Melts Down After Getting Blasted by Tucker and Others Over Youngkin Tweet – Opinion

Yesterday’s report said that a snowstorm engulfed Virginia and trapped people on I-95 for several hours.

One of the worst reactions was to an already dire situation. Jonathan Chait was a liberal journalist who attacked Republicans for helping people trapped in poverty. Another was that folks on the left tried to attack Gov-elect Glenn Youngkin for it, even though he hadn’t even taken office yet.

Jonah Goldberg (Never Trump) was one of those tweeting that Youngkin could face problems.

Although Goldberg actually sent the tweet, it was picked up by others and widely shared because he knew better. The way to respond would have been to say, “Hey, I goofed big time.”

Goldberg, upon realizing the truth of his situation, had a panic attack and attacked others for their mistakes.

“Given that context” (of being completely wrong), ‘I was right’! It’s hard to believe that this person was Never Trump when he thought this way.

Alrighty, now. It was an apparent attempt to divert attention by pointing at someone who spoke something gross. It can be quite disgusting. Goldberg could still be incorrect.

Tucker Carlson mentioned Goldberg’s error with a savage chyron calling him a “half-wit.”

That didn’t make Goldberg at all happy, claiming that he quit Fox in part over Tucker Carlson’s show about Jan. 6.

That’s what is called a deflection. But Tucker Carlson still doesn’t want to date you.

As we reported, Fox explained they weren’t going to renew Goldberg’s contract before he announced his resignation, so that claim about Carlson’s show seems like so much posturing.

This is vintage Never Trump — it’s always the problem of the right if they criticize you. It doesn’t matter if you earn it.

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