Networks: ‘Sensitive’ Biden on Top of Ukraine, ‘Doing Everything He Can’

The network newscasts on Thursday morning parroted Biden talking points when it comes to the President’s handling of the escalating crisis in Ukraine. None of them questioned Joe Biden’s control of a situation that seems to be spiraling out of control. Instead, NBC assured Americans that the Democrat is “sensitive” to ramifications like sky high gas prices. 

CBS Mornings DID wonder if “the President”  was “up for” this emergency situation. Tony Dokoupil was referring to the President of Ukraine, however. But not the President United States. Bill Taylor was the former ambassador. He asked: 

Let’s discuss the second leader of this equation: Volodymyr Zelenskyy, president of Ukraine. Three years ago, he was a president in a show on TV about Ukraine. It’s very real, and he is now part of it. Recently, you had a meeting with him. Is he up for this?”  



Continue reading TodayStephanie Ruhle spoke about Wall Street’s fear and the skyrocketing oil prices at the pumps. But don’t worry, she assured, Biden cares deeply about all of this:  

One barrel of oil is more than $100. This is a huge number. Average gas prices across the nation are around $3.50/gallon. Analysts believe it could rise to $4. This is what President Biden has told us. President Biden is well aware of these facts. He pays attention to how much the American people pay at the pump. He stated that he would do all he could to help.



It is often just a repetition of what Biden thinks at the moment about the situation. You can read more CBS Mornings co-host Nate Burleson stated, “Coming up, President Biden says he won’t send American troops to Ukraine to fight the Russians, so will there be any military response by NATO countries to the invasion?” 

On ABC’s Good Morning America, co-host George Stephanopoulos stressed that Biden was on top of all this: “President Biden has been warning of this for weeks.” Reporter Mary Bruce agreed, “He has and, George, we are going to hear from him later today when he announces new severe sanctions against Russia.” 

It was the closest anybody came to criticizing it. Today show when reporter Kristen Welker acknowledged: “A number of Republicans and some Democrats have been calling on the administration to deliver an even bigger blow to Putin” via sanctions.” 

The networks served as Biden’s defender on Tuesday and refused to hold him responsible for the invasion. None of the networks the last few days have mentioned Biden’s reckless okay of a “minor incursion” in January, comments that seem to give Putin a green light to attack. 

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