Nets Ignore Biden Mandating Abortions at Catholic Hospitals in Red States

On Monday, all three evening news broadcasts ignored the Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is now mandating taxpayer-funded hospitals which include Catholic hospitals to provide what they ironically refer to as “life-saving abortions” regardless of whether they are illegal in their state.

Predictably, ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening NewsAnd NBC Nightly News ignored the Biden admin’s disregard for the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. WadeEach state can decide. Instead, these networks exaggerated the heat wave in summer and blamed global warming. CBS Evening NewsA segment was even done on abortion in the context of ongoing litigation regarding state abortion laws. But there wasn’t mention of Biden’s executive orders. 

 According to an Axios piece from July 11, “the Department of Health and Human Services on Monday released guidance saying that health providers who perform abortions in emergency situations are protected under federal law regardless of what bans are in place in their states.” Site claims the “order” is intended to provide assurances for abortion providers concerned about being prosecuted for providing life-saving services. 

This order would fall under the 1986 law “The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act” which “protects providers when offering legally-mandated, life- or health-saving abortion services in emergency situations.” 

HHS Secretary Xavier Beccerra signed the order  

The physician can provide abortion to a pregnant woman who is admitted to an emergency department. This includes labor and delivery. A state law that prohibits abortion or does not provide an exemption for the life and safety of the pregnant patient — or applies the exception narrower than EMTALA’s emergency medical condition definition —- – is invalid.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, in response to HHS’ guidance order, announced that he was going after the Biden administration. Paxton took to Twitter to write: “Biden attempts to manipulate federal law to forbid abortions in Texas. The matter was remitted by SCOTUS to the States. TX law safeguards pre-born lives. Biden’s HHS is attempting to undo all that. It’s not on my watch. I have just filed suit. I’ll ensure the left’s abortion agenda can’t reach TX babies.” 



Texas is not the only one, says Katie Yoder (CNA), our friend and ex-MRC Culture editor Katie Yoder. Katie Yoder is a Catholic News Agency (CNA) journalist who condemned the Biden administration’s decision to order health care providers in an emergency situation to use federal law to abort. 

Dr. Marie Hilliard, co-chair of the Catholic Medical Association’s Ethics Committee told Yoder and CNA that “Catholic health care agencies and providers are committed to the same goals intended by EMTALA. They are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to both the mother and her unborn child without directly compromising either one in the process.” 

According to Yoder, Hilliard added: “In fact, by the consistently high quality of care it is known to provide, Catholic health care has demonstrated that both can be beautifully served.” 

This bias by omission was enabled by Ensure (ABC), Red Lobster (NBC) and Cadillac (NBC). This link allows you to contact them about biased information they support. 


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