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Kaepernick’s Girlfriend Says Trump Super Bowl Ad Is Reason She’s No Longer Dating an NFL QB

Colin Kaepernick’s girlfriend suggested last week that reports of Donald Trump buying a Super Bowl ad are evidence of how the NFL is colluding with the president to keep her boyfriend out of the league.

Nessa Diab shared on Tuesday a link to a Politico article, which cited four people who claimed the Trump campaign was planning to spend $10 million on Super Bowl ads.

Diab, a 38-year-old radio and TV host, has been dating Kaepernick, 32, since at least 2016.

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“You see how this works? Trump & his ⁦⁦@NFL buddies from team owners & ⁦⁦@nflcommish have a code they stick by. That code blackballed @kaepernick7 for peacefully protesting systemic oppression,” she tweeted in a caption accompanying the article.

It’s been three years since Kaepernick has played a game in the NFL. But his name has constantly been in the headlines following a series of controversies regarding his comments about race, police and America.

His newfound prominence as one of the country’s most recognizable social justice activists has also resulted in various lucrative endorsement deals.

The Trump campaign purchased 60 seconds of commercial time during the Feb. 2 event, according to Politico.

Some commenters agreed with Diab’s take.

But others were skeptical and presented facts which called into question whether the league and Trump really were all that chummy.

Many commenters suggested Diab was attempting to shift blame from Kaepernick, the one-time 49ers quarterback who kicked off a fierce controversy in 2016 when he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality of minorities.

“Always trying to stir the pot. I mean he had a job and he screwed him self by using his hob to protest. And they let him go. I mean how many chances does one man get to try to impress teams with his workout. At the last min he moved it. So why complain cause noone showed up,” said one commenter, referencing Kaepernick’s blown tryout with the NFL in November.

“Clearly you’re unable to see that Kap only became an activist when his 2nd string talent rendered unable to do more than function as the water boy,” tweeted another Twitter user.

It’s not the first time Diab has called out the NFL for its treatment of her beau.

In December, she went on a five-day Twitter tirade after commissioner Roger Goodell announced the league was done with Kaepernick.

Goodell responded to a reporter’s question about a November NFL workout that Kaepernick canceled at the last minute rather than sign a required liability waiver.

During a news conference Wednesday in Irving, Texas, Goodell responded to a reporter’s question about a November NFL workout that Kaepernick canceled at the last minute rather than sign a required liability waiver.

“This was about creating an opportunity,” Goodell said. “We created that opportunity. It was a unique opportunity, a credible opportunity and he chose not to take it. I understand that. And we’ve moved on here.”

Diab responded furiously when NFL reporter Ian Rapoport quoted Goodell in a tweet.

She accused Goodell of being part of a conspiracy with unnamed “OTHERS” to “put sneaky verbiage in the waiver.”

After posting a promotional tweet for T-Mobile, Diab retweeted her original post. Then, she made the exact same commentary on a video of Goodell’s press conference and retweeted that, twice.

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On Sunday, the fifth day of her meltdown, Diab shared a tweet accusing Goodell of “caving to [President Donald] Trump,” who has harshly criticized Kaepernick and urged the NFL to take a hard line against him and other kneeling players.


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