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Last week, Huntington Beach, CA suffered an oil spill, caused by an undersea fuel pipeline being pierced by a ship’s anchor. This damage may have been caused, as I said here by one of thousands of vessels clogging Southern California’s waters around Los Angeles Port. This matter is under investigation.

The ships still need to be loaded but dock workers are unable to make it happen. Labor Unions, we are grateful.

Governor Gavin Newsom is not concerned about the causality, the fact the supply chain of goods has been severely disrupted and hundreds of truckers and retailers are all losing money each day.

No, Governor Hair Gel is urgently concerned about a “greener future”, and getting rid of fossil fuels by 2035.

This is apparently why he signed into law an order banning the sale of small-engine equipment such as leaf blowers powered by gas, beginning in 2024. We don’t know what kind of equipment. Primarily, gas leaf mowers and lawnmowers. These types of equipment are used by who? This equipment is not affordable for the average middle-class household. Hair Gel is the one to help small businesses succeed. Good job, you!

This same governor is claiming his commitment to “reproductive and racial justice” (huh?!) The so-called Momnibus Act was signed into law.

Governor. Gavin Newsom signed the California “Momnibus” Act into law on Monday, which is an effort to improve infant and maternal health, especially for families of color.

The law will be used to examine infant and maternal death, support research, and provide income and coverage for doulas.

“We know the what, we know the why–this is the how,” Newsom said of the act during a press conference for the signing.

He emphasized that the guaranteed income for pregnant women is groundbreaking, calling it a “big deal.”

He condemned, however, the Texas Heartbeat Law. tweetYou can find this link:

Silently–in the dead of night–the Supreme Court eviscerated the protection of a woman’s right to choose that has been protected for 50 years. CA will continue to protect this fundamental right & lead the nation in expanding access to reproductive care.

Newsom has a very narrow view of when reproductive care is necessary to save life and when it allows a woman the right to live. He just signed 2 more laws that permit minors to conceal abortions or gender affirming therapies from their parents.

Someone please make this logical for California parents.

These are Gavin Newsom’s priorities for you and your children. These are Gavin Newsom’s priorities for the environment. These priorities are so insignificant in relation to your ability to provide for your family and protect them from harm or to maintain your livelihood in the state that is second in cost.

Yet, Newsom fiddles with his social experimentation laws, while Tesla Motors, the last remaining car manufacturer in California, moves its headquarters to Texas, and ships languish in the Southern California waters causing untold damage to the environment and the nation’s supply-chain. But Newsom is committed to good, signing an “ethnic studies” graduation requirement into law, when half of California’s graduates can barely read or write.

The last bill his Hairfulness has signed: requiring retailers to make toy aisles, “gender neutral.”

California, the first state to approve a law mandating large stores to sell gender neutral toys under the authority of a bill signed into law by the Governor. Gavin Newsom.

New law takes effect in 2024. It states that retailers with more than 500 employees are required to sell certain toys and child care products beyond the areas designated for gender. If they wish, retailers can still offer toys and other childcare products in traditional boy and girl sections.

Newsom didn’t comment on the bill signing. It was just one of the many legislative acts announced for the last batch.

The rest of America: It’s time to stop mocking California and start demanding accountability from your federal and local governments.

This will not be their future.



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