Need a Laugh? Guest Says CNN ‘Part of Firewall That Saved Democracy’

Looking for a great laugh? Well we’ve got you covered here at NewsBusters. On CNN’s Reliable sources, host Brian Stelter had on Media Studies Professor David Zurawik who made the preposterous claim that CNN was part of the fire wall that has helped “save democracy.”

During a segment on topics ranging from Rachel Maddow’s scheduled hiatus, to Whoopi Goldberg’s suspension, Zurawik made many crazy comments but none were more loony than this. While discussing Goldberg, Zurawik claimed her comments in which she falsely said the Holocaust isn’t about race is a case of misinformation rather than disinformation.” 

His credit to him, he said it. “there’s no excuse for Whoopi Goldberg not to be better informed.” However he then proclaimed Goldberg’s ignorance “shows the need for a kind of Critical Race Theory discussion in schools”



Zurawik, while he was talking about misinformation/disinformation, decided to gaslight CNN’s audience by absurdly claiming that Brian Stelter had lied to him. CNN is one among the many stations of all the television broadcast networks and cable channels it pushed harder from 2016 to 2020 against Trump and it was part of the fire wall that I think has saved democracy this far under Jeff Zucker.” 

Stelter, who has consistently claimed CNN’s objectivity, never pushed back against Zurawik’s claim that CNN was the network that “pushed harder against Trump”. Stelter instead agreed with Zurawik

It is crucial to understand the context of the conversations I have had over the past few days regarding Zucker’s exit. Many people blame him, but others praise him for standing firm and taking Trump to court while he worked here at CNN. 

After revelations about a relationship between Zucker and a colleague, Zucker resigned as CNN’s CEO. Their puppet master Zucker has received nothing but glowing praises since his departure. 

CNN can’t even keep their own dam from breaking, and their ratings collapsing. CNN can’t even keep their dam from breaking, and ratings are plummeting.

CNN’s absurd segment on CNN was possible because Febreze, Vicks, & Dawn. You can link their information to let them know of biased news that they are funding. 

You can expand the text to read this section’s transcript 

CNN’s Reliable Sources
11:22 AM

DAVID ZURAWIK (Well, you know that I believe it is misinformation and not disinformation). 


ZURAWIK: It is a situation where someone wasn’t aware. Whoopi Goldberg should be more informed. In one sense, there was an editorial in the Washington Post that stated that this shows that schools need to have a Critical Race Theory conversation. I can agree with that. She should be well-informed about Jewish identity historically and in this country. 


ZURAWIK (I really believe it, but it is misinformation). This isn’t like the Republican Party declaring January 6th’s terror legitimate political discourse. That’s disinformation. Brian, it’s disinformation. CNN, by the way is — among all television broadcast networks or cable channels that pushed Trump harder between 2016 and 2020. It was also part of the firewall that Jeff Zucker believes has kept democracy alive. 

STELTER: This is an important context to the discussions that I have been having about Zucker’s departure. Many people blame him, but others praise him for standing firm and taking Trump to court at CNN.

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