NBC’s ‘Today’ Peddles Gun Control…But Admits Schools Need Better Security

NBC’sToday wasn’t as devoid of sobriety Wednesday as competitors ABC’s Good Morning America CBS MorningsBut they did it by linking Republicans to their inability of stopping mass killings. But again, they were more constructive in sticking to the facts and the Uvalde, Texas families who’ve lost loved ones and had an important segment recognizing the need to better improve school security.



Tom Llamas, senior national correspondent used his first report to tie Republicans in the pockets of the gun lobby.

Texas Governor Abbott called the tragedy an inexplicable crime. He was due to be joined by Ted Cruz, former President Trump and Senator Ted Cruz at the National Rifle Association annual conference in Houston within two days. Overnight, President Biden voiced frustration at the NRA. 

Llamas added that while the town has “asked for prayers…so many across the country say they are sick and tired of just prayers” and instead “need real change.”

“When will it all stop? You don’t have to be a parent to really feel the magnitude of this moment right here,” He said.

White House correspondent Kristen Welker retreated to the bloated number of mass shootings, claiming there’s been “more than 3,500” since Sandy Hook as “efforts to pass gun legislation have repeatedly failed” despite “polls show more than 80 percent of Americans support” “expand[ed] background checks.”

Conservatives frequently point out that these tragic events have made it difficult to imagine how these individuals would have responded.

Welker claimed Senator Chris Murphy, D-CT was the one who boasted about Welker. “[pled] with colleagues to find common ground on guns” while Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) “[said] more support for law enforcement is needed, not new gun laws.”

“In a sign of how politicized the debate has become, last night at a victory party for Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker, supporters booing during the president’s call for stricter reform,” She fretted.

Craig Melvin teased us with a story that would be about school security during the second half hour.

Parents and school administrators will be thinking about this issue as well. Is there anything we can do? How can we improve safety and protect the children at schools across America? That part is also being examined.

Correspondent Stephanie Gosk had the story and noted there’s a whole host of options when it comes to making necessary improvements to school security, whether it’s high-tech cameras, armed security, or even hardening schools down to a single entry point (click “expand”):

GOSK – Parents and school leaders across the nation grapple with security issues after school shootings. Districts have increased security and added technology to their schools. They also conduct drills with teachers, students, and the police in an effort to avoid another tragedy such as that in Texas. This morning the question on top of parents mind: “Are my children safe at school?” There have been 27 shootings this year alone, according to Education Week. A disturbing rise in violence has forced schools to implement extensive safety measures in order to keep themselves from being next victims of school shootings. These security measures included modern high-tech systems that include facial recognition and gun detection software. 

CEDRIC ALEXANDER – We have to do everything we can to be on top of the technology. 

GOSK – In 2019, we highlighted a school located in Upstate New York, which had the first such system. This technology instantly recognizes the gun being pulled out of its belt. This high-tech system will immediately notify the police if Officer Stover was a school shooting victim. The gun and his face can be scanned to determine his movements. Many schools are looking for simpler solutions, such as increasing the number of armed guards or adding metal decorators. In some cases, even permitting teachers to own guns. 


GOSK – Andrew Pollack, the father of Meadow, was fatally shot in Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school’s 2018 shooting. He says there are many schools that have yet to learn critical lessons. 

ANDREW POLLACK [on FNC’s The Ingraham Angle, 05/24/22]It is not difficult to find a single entry point and an armed officer or well-trained teachers at your school. [SCREEN WIPE]This just upsets me. This didn’t have to happen today. 

Miguel Almaguer (national correspondent) offered an opinion piece disguised as news to make the opposition to gun control look bad, insisting that Steve Kerr is the Golden State Warriors’ head coach. “channel[ed] the outrage of a nation”Kerr was a vocal critic of Republicans as enemies of children and he has not shown any courage in standing up for communist China.

Almaguer then closed his mouth with another poke at the right, instead of trying understand and to see gun rights supporters.

This morning there will be another call for thoughts and prayers and there will also likely soon be another preventable shooting. As with all of these devastating mass shootings, there’s always a call for change in legislation. Often, it’s lawmakers saying more needs to be done, but to date, clearly not enough action has been taken[.]

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Click here to see the May 25 NBC transcript.

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