NBC’s Holt Whines: A ‘Trump Judge’ Struck Down Mask Mandates!

On Tuesday night’s NBC Nightly NewsLester Holt, always pretentious and proud, appeared to mock Americans tired of wearing masks. He whined at Florida District Court Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle for removing the federal mandate. 

“With the country on track to soon reach 1 million COVID deaths in the next few weeks, this, a face mask, has remained the flashpoint of our anxieties and frustrations and now tonight objects of mixed messages”Holt was crying while standing tall in his studio, holding onto a face-mask.

Holt spoke more of his preaching. “a federal judge setting the rule’s demise in motion yesterday vacating the CDC mask mandate calling it unlawful, but tonight many health experts point out that legal decision may not square with science and an upward tick in COVID cases around the country.”

Holt tried to blame the nation by claiming that you can exercise your personal freedom and decide whether to wear a face mask. “may also put small children and those with compromised immune systems at risk.”

Tom Costello completed the Holt Report and reminded viewers by reminding them that Judge Mizelle was. “a Trump-appointed federal judge.” 



Costello said that the mask mandates were responsible for an increase in violence at commercial aircrafts. 

Flight attendants have suffered from disruptive and abusive behaviour for more than one year. The mask mandate is often the reason.

Holt confronted Costello before taking over. Costello responded that they “may appeal if the CDC insists that the mask mandate is needed” but they won’t attempt to “stay” or halt the decision.  

Of course, Costello’s main concern was whether Judge Mizelle “may have set precedent prohibiting the CDC from taking action like this in the future with another health emergency.”

Oh! God forbid that the government prevents small businesses from closing down and orders people to wear masks over their heads again.

Lester Holt mocked freedom-loving Americans by Tide, Angi & Liberty Mutual. Their information is linked so you can let them know how you feel about Holt’s behavior.  

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NBC Nightly News
Eastern, 7:01:54

LESTER HOLTZ: It’s good evening everyone. This face mask has been the focal point of all our worries and frustrations, and is now a mixed message object. The country will soon surpass 1 million COVID victims in just a few weeks. There were cheers as the federal requirements that flyers must wear masks and any other transport means were suddenly ended. The rule was set aside by a federal judge yesterday. Although the CDC mandate for masks on flyers and other means of transport were declared illegal, experts have pointed out tonight that this legal decision does not align with scientific evidence. Their concern is that flying without facemasks could pose a risk to children under the age of five and people with compromised immune systems. Late word has come out that the Justice Department might appeal the judge’s decision. Tom Costello does the legwork for us.


TOM COSTELLO – Celebration and concern mixed together, just two years after airlines required masks for public transportation, and 14 months after White House mandated them. Trump appointed federal judge ruled that the CDC was not within its rights to demand masks. Travelers today were evenly divided on the question of whether or not they will continue to wear masks in train stations and on flights. 


COSTELLO – The ruling follows a TSA extension of the mask rule to May 3rd by the CDC. This was due to concern about a rapid-spreading COVID variant. The President Biden has stated that masking is an individual decision for now. 


COSTELLO – Flight attendants have suffered from disruptive and abusive behaviour for more than one year. The mask mandate is often blamed.


HOLT – And Tom: There’s late word that the government might appeal this judge’s decision. Is that what they are trying to say? 

COSTELLO – Justice states it could appeal if CDC insists the mask mandate must be followed, but Justice Department wouldn’t request a stay. The Justice Department is worried that the judge might have established precedent for the CDC not taking such action in the future.

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