NBC Hypes Connecticut Abortion Bill, Worries Red States Will ‘Push Boundaries’

On Tuesday night’s edition of NBC Nightly NewsStephanie Gosk (Correspondent) hyped a new Connecticut law that would bar women from fleeing Texas for abortions in Conneticut. While railing against Republican state laws that regulate abortions, 

Gosk announced the opening of the segment in exaggerated breathlessness “there’s a new abortion law in Connecticut”Before proceeding, explain that the law will be expanded “abortion access and protects providers like those in this clinic from being sued or even criminally charged by another state.”

Then, she let Matt Blumenthal, a Democrat State Representative, pound his chest. He then preached that “we’re going to stand up for these rights here in the state of Connecticut.” 



Gosk explained how Blumenthal said the new law he coauthored “was in direct response to the abortion law in Texas and in anticipation of Roe v. Wade possibly being overturned.” 

Blumenthal said that it was true for women “are already coming to Connecticut from places like Texas to seek safe and legal care”Also known as deadly abortions 

After that supportive segment on Connecticut’s abortion bill, Gosk switched gears and attempted to slime Missouri state representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman for authoring a bill similar to the one in Texas which would allow residents to sue abortionists who conduct abortions in violation of state law: 

GOSK: If they perform an abortion on someone in Missouri, should a Connecticut doctor be worried about being sued by a Missouri private citizen? 

REP. Mary Elizabeth Coleman: I think it’s not an accurate interpretation of the law. 

Coleman pointed out that the court has ruled for nearly fifty years whether abortion should be legal. “there’s rhetoric that is ramping things up in ways that isn’t particularly helpful.” 

Gosk worried to the viewers, however. “anti-abortion states might push boundaries if Roe is overturned”And sought to make pro-abortion state a pass, proclaiming “which is why states like Connecticut are acting quickly.”  

Why are pro-life supporters always labled “ant-abortion” or “anti-choice” by the leftist media, while abortion supporters are consistently labled favorably as “pro-choice.” This is how the leftist media shows their bias, through dishonest labeling. 

It should also be noted that you’ll rarely see the media calling out pro-abortion states for “push[ing] boundaries.” 

Liberty Mutual made this pro-abortion segment possible on NBC. You can contact them via the linked information to let them know what biased news they support. 

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NBC Nightly News
Eastern at 7:09:45

STEPHANIE GOSK: Connecticut has a new law on abortion. 


GOSK: This law allows abortion to be more accessible and prevents other states from criminally charging providers such as those at this clinic. 

ELIZABETH BARNES (PRESIDENT, THE WOMEN’S CENTERS):  I am very grateful for it and I think it was necessary in our political climate. 

MATT BLUMENTHAL. We won’t sit back and let our residents suffer, without our nurses, doctors, or facilities being protected. This is the Connecticut where we will stand for our rights. 

GOSK – The coauthor of the bill is Matt Blumenthal from the state legislature. He says the bill was meant to address Texas’s abortion law and prepare for Roe V. Wade potentially being repealed. 

BLUMENTHAL – People travel from Texas and other states to Connecticut to get legal and safe care. 

Mary Elizabeth Coleman (Missouri state representative) drafted an identical bill to that in Texas which would permit private citizens to sue doctors who perform abortions. If they perform an abortion on someone in Missouri, should a Connecticut doctor be worried that they could be sued by a Missouri private citizen? 

REP. Mary Elizabeth Coleman: I think it’s not an accurate interpretation of the law. 


COLEMAN – Because abortion has been settled in court for so many years, it’s not practical to try and bring the issue back to the states legislatures. 

GOSK: According to scholars, the civil and criminal law have not been tested. If Roe is invalidated, anti-abortion countries might set new boundaries. This is why Connecticut and other states are moving quickly. 

MARY ZIEGLER (UC DAVIS LEG PROFESSOR),: Connecticut looks at the mess and says, “We want clarity.” We are not willing to wait for the court to resolve all of our problems. 

GOSK: In what kind of world could we be if Roe is repealed? 

ZIEGLER – I fear that the world we live in will be one where there is more conflict and destruction than what it is now.

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