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Canines are a source of comfort, safety, and companionship. And even though humans and dogs share this common bond, there is still an understanding that the relationship between the two species is different.

Despite the love that people show to these four-legged creatures since their discovery, they are still treated differently in society. Many people feel that dogs are like children and need protection from harm or danger. It is why some cops carry one with them when they go about their day-to-day duties – not just as a way to protect them but also as a way to show love for their furry friend.

National Police Association supports police-dog partnerships because they benefit both the humans and dogs involved. The benefits for humans are clear. There is a decrease in overall crime rates and a decrease in stress levels. Dogs benefit from these partnerships as well, as they are allowed to work with their human partner or sometimes even other dogs.

Law Enforcement Officers and Canine Unit

The National Police Association understands that the Canine Unit is a group of specially-trained law enforcement officers tasked with keeping the community safe. They are responsible for walking the streets in search of illegal activity. They also assist those who need help using their service animals.

They work together with different departments such as housing, animal shelters, animal rescue entities, and more.

There is a relationship between police dogs and their handlers that is a special one. The bond we see between these two forms of life is unlike that seen in any other animal.

Law enforcement officers and police dogs are essential for public safety. They are the ones who risk their lives to protect the lives of people around them. They are highly trained, intelligent animals who make invaluable contributions to society.

How Dogs Make Everyday Life Easier for the Police Department

The K9 law enforcement unit is an effective team, trained to help out with any task that their human partners might need.

National Police Association has reported that cities known for their high crime rate have been relatively quiet, thanks to a partnership between the police department and a local animal shelter.

Every day, these dogs are brought into work by their handlers to assist with searches for drugs or other contraband. The canines have helped curb crime rates drastically while also keeping officers safe from harm.

5 Ways To Benefit From Police-Dog Partnerships

Police-K9 partnerships have helped law enforcement officials make a world of difference with their effectiveness over the years. With the help of these dogs, cops can be more effective in apprehending suspects and preventing crimes.

National Police Association believes there are many ways that a police-dog partnership can benefit a country. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Detecting drugs and other illegal substances
  • Preventing robberies
  • Finding missing persons
  • Providing evidence at scenes of major crimes
  • Searching for explosives and weapons

As a society, people are aware of the impact that dogs have on their day-to-day lives. The police department works with them to make the country safe. To find out more, visit National Police Association.

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