NASCAR Drops the Final Hammer on Brandon Brown and his ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Deal – Opinion

As we previously reported, NASCAR claimed that it hadn’t yet authorized the deal between Brandon Brown and LGBCoin. “LGB” stands for “Let’s go, Brandon” — the saying that went viral after an NBC reporter claimed that a “F**k Joe Biden” chant was in truth chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” to cheer on Brown. The Brown team said that they’d received written approval from NASCAR to go ahead with the deal and the paint scheme on the car.

Now NASCAR is saying they’ve made their final decision on the deal and they are not going through with it. They say they wouldn’t allow the slogan on the paint scheme, or in sponsorship. They’re blaming an employee for greenlighting the deal saying that he didn’t have the proper authority to do so. They previously said that approval was not required. It seems like NASCAR is having some contradictory stories, and has a bit of credibility issues.

That has understandably angered the Brandonbilt Motorsports, Brown’s team, who said NASCAR had signed off on the deal and the paint scheme which they then obviously spent time and money to put together, make the announcement, and put out the video.

“NASCAR did not speak with Brandonbilt Motorsports prior to making their decision to rescind the approval and multiple attempts to set-up a conversation to address this matter went unacknowledged,” Max Marcucci, Brandonbilt Motorsports spokesperson said in a statement.

“The bottom line is that Brandonbilt Motorsports followed the standard process for sponsor and paint scheme approval and received approval from a NASCAR official empowered to make those decisions, and who makes those decisions on a regular basis. The official then confirmed the approval and reiterated it in a call after the announcement.

“We are disappointed that NASCAR leadership has chosen to rescind approval of this sponsorship and feel they should have the confidence to own their decision to backtrack and not gaslight a team or a driver.

“Like every team, we rely on productive and friendly working relationships at all levels of NASCAR. Unfortunately, NASCAR leadership’s handling of this situation now threatens to strain our relationships and places us in an incredibly awkward position, yet again.”

Koutoulas, the LGBCoin advocate and hedge fund manager was angry about this decision. He threatened to sue LGBCoin holders. “Now it’s war,” he tweeted Wednesday.

It sounds like NASCAR may be facing legal problems here. The Brown team and LGBCoin certainly had good reasons to believe what they were being told. It is likely that the deal got them some criticism from the left. Then they got cold feet. They are likely to lose a lot of fans and legal actions as a result.

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