NASA Launched a Homophobic Telescope and the Outrage Mob Is Big Mad About It – Opinion

The European Space Agency launched a probe to a comet in 2014. Rosetta/Philae is the name of the project. This was an extremely difficult mission that required a tiny object to be landed on another small target. To arousing applause, the probe successfully landed to international praise. On the landing day, cameras focused on one of the scientists – Dr. Mark Taylor. Taylor was wearing the shirt that his friend gave him. Taylor didn’t look like a “scientist”. His build was strong, with sleeves tattooed. He wore a brightly-colored shirt that was covered in artwork depicting women who were barely dressed.

Instead of celebrating Taylor’s accomplishments and his scientific brilliance, the outrage mob focused not on the science but on the shirt. FemiNazis were furious. This MAN is a nerve! Degrading women with art of…women. Taylor received a torrent of threats and insults that demanded his termination. He was more successful at his job than his shirt. After apologizing to the mob, he disappeared into a corner and was never seen again. It wasn’t the beginning of the “Everything is stupid” era but it was when I first recognized how completely stupid the outrage mob was and that they don’t care about substance, science, or reality — they only care about being outraged.

A second stunning and inspiring moment in science was marred by two equally foolish but unrelated moments. Our utterly ignorant and clueless President Joe Biden sat down to the launch of the James Webb Telescope’s first photographs. His response wasn’t one of wonder at the grandeur of space, of galaxies from billions of years ago no, Joe wondered “what the press was like” in space.

It’s expected, I guess. Joe can’t think past his next nap.

The James Webb Telescope, a 10 billion-dollar invention by NASA, is one of the most amazing. President PuddingBrain thought of it.

And we can’t have awe-inspiring things like the James Webb Telescope without an outrage mob complaining about it being named after a “white gay-hating man.” That’s right, the Webb telescope is homophobic. NASA named it after James Webb. This outrage mob was a riot. Webb was NASA’s second administrator and the man who oversaw NASA’s greatest decade – the 1960s.

Webb was in charge of NASA in 1963 when a budget analyst nobody named Cliff Norton was arrested in Washington DC by the “Morals Squad.” His crime? Norton was allegedly involved in a closeted homosexual affair and was therefore arrested for a morals offense. NASA discovered the truth and interviewed him before firing him. Webb: What’s that got to do? Nothing. Webb wasn’t part of the Morals Squad, he certainly didn’t write the statutes, and he didn’t know Norton from a stapler, but because Webb was NASA’s boss somehow that makes him responsible for Norton’s dismissal. No, seriously – that’s the argument of the outrage goons demanding NASA rename the telescope.

Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein is the leader of the goon team that longs for a change in their name. Prescod-Weinstein said:

Or both [Webb] was a wildly incompetent administrator and didn’t know that his head of security was interrogating employees in NASA facilities, or he knew exactly what was going on and he was in some sense party to overseeing the interrogation of someone for being gay”.

Yeah, or maybe Prescod-Weinstein doesn’t know how business or bureaucracy works. CEOs don’t know or care when cubicle nobodies get canned. But Prescod-Weinstein is an activist — she knows better.

She’s black and “queer,” and she thinks black people are “terrorized” and hunted daily in America. That solid bit of nonsense led her to organize a boycott/strike — because “black lives matter” and STEM is racist. She claimed:

“The particle physics community remains intensely white and male, not just demographically but also culturally.”

Science appears to be racist and misogynist.

NASA informed Prescod Weinstein and the mob to “pound sand”. The “homophobic” Webb telescope will not be renamed. It’s about a million miles from Earth so the mob can’t tear down that symbol of objective science and knowledge. Prescod Weinstein is sure to find another white, male, and straight thing to be unhappy about. In science — for now — there’s no shortage of straight white men.

Everything is absurd.

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