Nancy Pelosi Makes an Insane Decision on Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address – Opinion

Joe Biden is getting set to deliver his first State of the Union address, or at least that’s the current plan. Given his penchant for sundowning, whether he actually speaks will probably have a lot to do with what kind of day he’s having. For reasons not disclosed or justifiable, last year’s president spoke months behind schedule to Congress.

Nancy Pelosi already plans to stack the deck for this year’s election. According to Axios the Speaker of House plans to limit in-person attendance at the House to 25. This seems like an insane move.

All the normal caveats apply. This anonymously-sourced report gives the story of Kevin McCarthy, Minority Leader. Still, when Pelosi’s office was asked, they claimed no final decision has been made and that they were working with the attending physician to come up with protocols. That they didn’t outright deny the report is telling, and McCarthy would have no reason to lie about such an issue. It appears that this attendance ban is at least in place.

Now the question is: Why? Omicron cases are now about half what they were one week ago. Things will settle down by the SOTU, and risk levels will remain extremely low. COVID-19 does not allow for drastic reductions in attendance. The president, like almost all members of the House, is also vaccinated. Yes, that’s going to be the official explanation, but we all know it’s bunk.

So what’s the real reason? These are my thoughts. I have my suspicions. Given Joe Biden’s penchant for melting down while speaking publicly, whatever help Pelosi can give him will surely be well-received.

Yet, even if we assume this is just about COVID-19, what kind of message does it send to the world that the President of the United States is so weak and feeble that he can’t be in a massive room with more than 25 people? Do you think Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin or any other person are seeing this as a show of absurdity?

Obviously, we are seeing that play out on the border of Ukraine and with China’s elevated aggression toward Taiwan. But it’s not just America’s major geopolitical and military enemies that are a problem. Although it is difficult to deal with allies, having an incompetent and disorganized president is a serious handicap. There’s a reason Germany feels emboldened to defy the United States in regards to Russian energy.

The country is severely handicapped by having an 80 year old, geriatric president. The results speak for themselves, and they’ll be on full display as Biden mumbles, yells, and whispers his way through whatever his SOTU speech ends up being.

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