MSNBC’s Ruhle: Biden Needs to Sell His Economic Wins!

If Stephanie Ruhle’s performance tonight is any indication of how she will be when she takes over on the 11th HourIt isn’t going over well on MSNBC. Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, Ruhle had a mini-meltdown over President Joe Biden not selling his “economic wins.” She worried that if Biden and the Democrats don’t start selling how great the economy is, Democrats will lose in this year’s midterm elections. 

During extended coverage of Biden’s State of the Union address, Ruhle turned to guest and former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill to ask if she thinks Biden “needs to do more talking about those economic wins.” Ruhle continued making her point, getting more and more frustrated as she went on:  

It is no secret that inflation is a major problem. Democrats don’t like to speak about the strength of the economy because it could cause them to offend people. But the thing is, if they do not sell their wins, they can’t win in the midterms, and then they can’t help anyone.

An equally frustrated McCaskill complained “Democrats are very bad at being repetitive and disciplined on message. This President, in one year, created more jobs than any President in the history of the United States of America” McCaskill falsely claimed. 



“Say it over and over and over again. Savings are increasing, real wages have gone up. Yes, there is inflation, but overall, if you don’t remind people how much better it is now than it was before, then you leave the field open for the Republicans to distort and not tell the truth” McCaskill continued, remarking that Democrats “get distracted by wanting to do so much, for so many, instead of keeping it simple and making sure voters understand who is really in their corner.” 

Earlier in the night on NBC’s State of the Union coverage, Ruhle was on to comment on Biden’s speech and made similar comments which show they weren’t a rage-filled gaffe:

Ruhle claimed, most bizarrely, that Biden’s economy created 6.5 millions jobs. Ruhle once again hit Republicans for bringing up the rampant inflation that American consumers are suffering from claiming Republicans “didn’t even need to do that” because “the American people are feeling it every single day.”  

Ruhle and her Democratic colleagues can gaslight Americans as if the economy was doing well all they like, but the voters already know the truth. 

Fischer Investments brought this segment of Ruhle lying about the economic health to viewers. This link allows you to contact them about biased information they provide. 

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MSNBC’s State of the Union Analysis
Eastern 12:13.07

STEPHANIE ROHLE: Claire. Do you believe that when it comes down to voters, President Obama and this Administration — need to talk more about economic victories. Because inflation is so problematic, Democrats often avoid talking about the strength of the economy because it might offend people. But the thing is, if they do not sell their wins, they can’t win in the midterms, and then they can’t help anyone.

CLAIRE MCCASKILL – This isn’t complicated. Democrats lack the ability to be consistent and on-point. In one year, this President created more jobs in America than any other President. Repeat it repeatedly. Savings are increasing, real wages have gone up. There is certainly inflation. However, the Republicans can distort the facts and tell lies if they don’t remind the people about how great it is. The Governor of Iowa was a liar tonight. This President’s economic record was distorted by her, and she brought down his deficit. It is important that they continue to hammer on over and over. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting so much, but not enough, and it becomes difficult for them to keep the message simple, so that they can make sure voters see who really is their side.

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