MSNBC’s Cross: Alito’s ‘Dimwitted,’ Men Should STFU, Abortion Foes Are ‘Terrorists’

Tiffany Cross, MSNBC’s Saturday host made four claims. These ranged from comically ridiculous to grotesquely chilling.

Cross began by Samuel Alito can be reached at, the Supreme Court Justice who wrote the draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade “dim-witted.”

Let’s see. Alito graduated high school as valedictorian. Alito went on to graduate Summa Cum LaudePhi Beta Kappa from Princeton. He received his law degree at Yale. Do you want to challenge your wits? Cross knows this. It was Cross who said Ted Cruz, a GOP senator, is a “basic ass…intellectual infidel” that shouldn’t question Ketanji brown Jackson.

Cross’s first failed attempt at a flop was funny in its absurdity. Her second failed attempt was just as comical. Cross said that adopting children from the adoption of pregnant mothers of color might not be the safest option.Because fewer white children are adopted than those who adopt them. 

CROSS: This whole idea that mothers should have children and then let their kids be adopted. This is not always safe, especially for children of color. Black children rarely get adopted. 

Cross could possibly think that Cross is right. What would the “safest route” be for such children to have an abortion?It seems so. Sick.

Next up, Michelle Colon (guest) blithely refers to pro-life people “anti-abortion terrorists,” Cross agreed with Cross, saying that Michelle had referred to theAnti-abortionists are terrorists. This is her point. They are pro-life because they use violence to achieve their goals. Cross cited cases in the past in which abortion clinics had been bombed and abortionists attacked. But here, the pro-life forces worked to bring about the Mississippi law restricting abortion and defended it before the Supreme Court. The pro-lifers were able to work peacefully through both the legislative and the judicial system. But they are “terrorists” 

Abortionist Amy Hagstrom Miller tripled down on it: There is violence. It is also known as It’s terrorism.This is something I strongly believe in. Christian extremismThis is the reason for this shameful and stigmatizing attitude that allows laws such as these to become law.”

Cross concluded that Cross was focusing on the “big point of her life,Please don’t tell anyone that you don’t have a female uterus. This really shouldn’t be a concern for you. 

It shouldn’t be a concern for men to know that abortion is taking millions of lives. They should not even think about it. 

Tiffany Cross, who is a MSNBC presenter, spoke out about abortion while on the MSNBC Show. She was sponsored by Liberty Mutual, Jeep and 4imprint.

The transcript is here.

Cross Connection
10:00 am ET 

TIFFANY Cross: What might you have overlooked in the leaked opinion? Justice Samuel Alito makes a footnote pointing out that there have been some briefs that suggested supporters of abortion rights only want to control the African American population. 

And Alito goes on to suggest that it’s because of, whoah, that a highly-disproportionate percentage of aborted fetuses are black. 

Right. The man who made it possible to abolish voting rights and preserve the doctrine of white innocence in racial matters is now suddenly moving to help black people. You can also see the rest of it. Because while conciseness may be the soul and soul of wisdom, it also shows that he is not providing context. . . .

The absurd claim that black women have disproportionately high birth rates is false. It also ignores larger economic and social inequalities. For example, in 2017, a survey found that only 39% of black women could even afford  birth control. This was at $10 or less . . .

It is a common belief that mothers should have children and then let their kids be adopted. This is not always safe, especially for children of color. Black children rarely get adopted. It is a fact. It is not uncommon for children to stay in the system long term. If you take a look at statistics about who is adopted, the majority of them are white. Foster care currently houses tens to thousands of children. This is in addition to hundreds of thousand of other children. Is it better for women to say this?

MICHELLE CORON: Adoption is something I support, not that it’s wrong. Just like the stats, the proof is right in front of you. It’s not a good idea to rush to adopt brown or black children. We need to be very clear on this. It’s as simple as that. Republicans don’t rush.Terrorists against abortion Protecting and safeguarding black and brown children’s lives is a responsibility of lawmakers This country is home to many black and brown citizens. False rhetoric. 

. . . 

CROSS: Amy, Michelle referred to anti-abortionists in terrorist terms. Michelle has a point. People who claim to be pro-life are called quote-unquoteThese results were achieved by violence. Look through the — I am old enough to recall that anti-abortion demonstrators began attacking clinics and threatening doctors in the 1980s. A thousand abortionists had left by 1990. 84% percent of the nation’s counties had no abortion centers. If you are an abortion provider, This ruling could have implications for you.

AMY HAGSTROM MILER: Michelle was right. Michelle is right. And Nancy, I am grateful to be with you this morning. Violence exists. It is possible to be violent.This is considered terrorism. It is terrorism, and it is important to understand that this extremism comes from Christians.That is what allows laws such as this one to be passed. This allows for justices such as this to be made. However, it does not capture the majority feelings or beliefs of citizens of this country.

. . . 

CROSS: This week, we’ve talked a lot on abortion rights. Many people continue to point out that polling shows that most Americans are in favor of abortion rights. Even polling aside, it is clear that there are many people who support abortion rights. My main point is that if your uterus doesn’t exist, you should shut all the you-know what. This really shouldn’t be a concern. 

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